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Every day counts! Attendance in school is required by law and important to student success. Attendance impacts student achievement academically, socially and emotionally.  

When a student is absent,* Kennett High School (KHS) will provide prompt notice to their parents/guardians via email, text message and phone call.

If your student is absent for any reason, we also ask that you make every effort to contact us. 

Some absences may be excused with a note from you, the parent/guardian, including the date, reason and your signature. In order to be excused, notes must be submitted in email to the KHS Attendance Clerk at or in print within three days. 

If your student has more than ten excused absences in a school year, you must provide a note from their doctor. 

Your student will be permitted to make up work missed during excused absences from school. If your student feels well enough to try to keep up with some of their schoolwork, please contact the KHS Attendance Clerk. Work will be provided for them within one school day and in the school’s main office. 

For additional information, including on unexcused absences, please refer to the KCSD Board Policy on Attendance (No. 204). 

*50% or more of any school day

Three Things You Can Do To Make a Difference

  1. Avoid scheduling personal commitments during the academic calendar. 
  2. Implement a regular routine that includes sufficient sleep. 
  3. Contact the KHS counselor if you need assistance.