Kennett High School Summer Coursework/ Expectations (2022)




English Survey of Literature Assignment
Advanced Assignment
  World Literature Assignment
  Advanced American Literature Advanced Assignment
  Advanced Placement Language and Composition Assignment
  English and Advanced English 12 Assignment
  Honors British Literature Assignment-Summer Reading
  Advanced Placement Literature and Composition Assignment
  Honors Survey of Literature Assignment
Modified English Summer Work Instructions Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5
Option 6
Math Advanced Placement Computer Science A No Work
  Advanced Placement Calculus AB Calculus AP – Summer Packet
History Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics

Assignment (Google Link)

Assignment (PDF)

  AP Macroeconomics Assignment
  Advanced Placement Comparative Government and Politics Assignment
  Advanced Placement Psychology Assignment
Science Advanced Placement Biology Assignment
  Honors Chemistry Assignment
World Languages Advanced Placement Spanish AP Spanish – Summer Packet
  Advanced Placement French Français AP Summer Packet