Kennett High School Artists Exhibit Work

Kennett High School artists displayed their impressive talents for their fellow students, teachers, staff, and members of the community on Friday, May 5, at the high school.

The show included works from all classes within the Fine Arts Department: from Basic Art to Advanced Art, from Ceramics to Graphic Art to Photography. Teachers Mr. Tom Hironimus, Mrs. Kathy Caputo Nelms, Ms. Katie Gray, and Ms. Jodi Davidson guided their students through the creation and exhibition of their artwork.

“The creativity of our students is amazing. The original student artwork displayed showed a diverse range of personal subject matter, creative self-expression, and experimentation with medium,” said Mrs. Caputo Nelms.

“Kennett High School art students are extremely hard working and incredibly talented. They are dedicated to getting better every day and being the best they can be. It is a blessing to be surrounded by such enthusiastic and committed students,” added Mr. Hironimus.

Local artists displayed their work at the show as well. Ms. Nanci Hersh (parent of a current Kennett High School student), Mrs. Sallie Petrillo (grandparent of a Kennett High School student), Mr. Charlie Lewis (former Kennett Consolidated School District teacher), Ms. Katie Gray (Ceramics teacher), and Mrs. Kathleen Caputo Nelms (Two-dimensional Art, Digital Arts, and Photography teacher) all exhibited several pieces.”

A variety of clubs and activities also had booths at the show. Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA), Demon Robotics, and the Humanitarian Club-sponsored MiniThon all used the opportunity to disseminate information and raise funds for their organizations.

By all accounts, the show was a success. High school principal Dr. Jeremy Hritz observed, “I walked away from the Art Show incredibly impressed. The work of our students that was on display showed complexity, character, and depth. It was another example of the great work that our students do here at Kennett High School.”

Artwork by Abby Roche

farrago 2016 boat - Copy

Artwork by Courtney Stephens

farrago 2016 flower photo - Copy

Artwork by Paola Esparza

farrago 2016 old man - Copy

Artwork by Madison Thureen