KHS Seniors Honored at Awards Night

Last week, members of the Class of 2016 were celebrated at Kennett High School’s Award Night. The following is the list of awards that were presented that evening.


One of the most academically competitive endeavors in the Nation is the National Merit Scholarship Program. These winners represent some of the best and brightest minds in the country. These students have met the rigorous academic requirements that confer a distinctive place in representing Kennett High School across the United States.

National Merit Commended Students – About 34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation have been recognized for their exceptional academic promise. Commended students placed among the top 5% of more than 1.5 million students. Our Commended students are Tolulope Adetayo, Christian Beveridge, Casey Bruno, Erin Dooley, Andrew Kim, Alexander Mark, Dylan Munson, Magnus Murray, and Jacob Saltzberg

National Merit Finalists – The National Merit Finalists represent less than 1% of U.S. high school seniors and are among the highest scoring entrants in the country. Of the 16,000 Semifinalists announced in September, our National Merit Finalists are Julie Bates, Saarang Karandikar, and John Libert

JOHNSON FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP is presented to a Kennett High School senior with intent of continuing his/her education. The student must have a 3.0 grade point average over his/her four years of high school as well as an extracurricular activity such as sports, music, school leadership or community service. Daniel Augustine

SOUTHERN CHESTER COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SCHOLARSHIP is presented to a senior who has exhibited academic excellence and service to the school and community and who will continue his/her education majoring in business or a business-related field. Emma Rasero

UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY AT WEST POINT recognizes our student’s Academy appointment. Tyler LaCosta

UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS AWARDS recognizes outstanding performances in academics, athletics and music. All three fields exemplify the qualities that are inherent to the Marine Corps – smart, tough and elite.

  • Distinguished Athletes – Victoria Gallivan and Austin Maxwell
  • Scholastic Excellence – Zachary Hrenko

GIRL SCOUT GOLD AWARD recognizes young women committed to serving her community by using her combined talents of strength and leadership. This year’s recipients are Rebecca Ploener and Julia Sharp.

Rebecca, as a member of the high school’s Drama Club, saw the closets were disorganized and a rental system was needed. Rebecca and her team took inventory of the costumes, placed useable items in labeled bins and donated the other items. She created a website to manage the costume rental and to make the Drama Club advisor’s job less stressful and time consuming.

Julia discovered that her peers were struggling to find volunteer opportunities in the community. After connecting with local organizations and businesses, Julia and her team created a website, which is linked to the school’s site, and a pamphlet listing more than 40 organizations, as well as community events. Not only did Julia and her team provide new volunteer opportunities, but made students more aware of the needs of our community.

SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS AWARDS is a national-level Certificate of Merit Program to recognize and honor high school girls who have demonstrated excellence in the study of both mathematics and science, and are active citizens of the school and/or community. This year’s recipients are Kate Doroba, Rebecca Lustig, and Julia Sharp.

FULTON BANK DIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to Kennett High School students of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. The winner will be offered summer and holiday employment at Fulton Bank while attending college. The winner may also be offered full-time employment at Fulton Bank through the Fulton Financial Corporation Management Trainee Program. Taylor Sammons

STEVEN R. LAWTON DEMON ROBOTICS SCHOLARSHIP is presented to the “junior or senior class” member of the Demon Robotics Team who has made outstanding contributions to the team and has completed an essay describing what he/she has gained from being part of the team. Katelin Judge

ENGLISH as SECOND LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT AWARDS are given to outstanding English as Second Language students. Senior ESL Awardee are Abigail Moreno Mendiola and Jonathan Sanchez Mendoza

SHANNON STRAWLEY SCHOLARSHIPS are awarded to WIN students who give back to their community and who are pursuing a college degree. Kenbeli Jacome Garcia, Rocio Jaimes Cruz, and Yulisa Oseguera Lopez

ALMA NEWLIN EDUCATIONAL FUND SCHOLARSHIP is presented to students with an un-weighted cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher and must be planning to enter a human healthcare-related profession. This year’s recipients are Becca Shoemaker and Joseph Wikol.

WIDENER UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL LEADERSHIP AWARD is designed to recognize those high school students who possess the character, courage, and competencies to effect positive change. This award was presented at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. This year’s recipient is Gemma Erickson.

DELAWARE VALLEY ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL BUSINESS OFFICIALS SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a student who plans to attend an academic or vocational program post high school and is interested in a career in business. This year’s recipient is Kalie Standish.

OUTSTANDING HUMANITARIAN AWARD is given to students who posses strong leadership skills and who have made the biggest contribution to the Humanitarian Club. Bridget Fox and Zoe Livingston

OUTSTANDING READER AWARD was established to recognize outstanding patronage of the Media Center unlike any other student and/or faculty member. Andrew Lihou

MEDIA CENTER VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION AWARDS are given to our Media Center volunteers who have volunteered in the library (over ten hours of service this year). Jonathan Flores Ayllon

OUTSTANDING MEDIA CENTER VOLUNTEER AWARDS are given to the students who have made the largest commitment to the library (over 40 hours of service this year) in terms of both service performed and time volunteered. Emily Mallon and Yarely Molina Carlos

FRIENDS OF MUSIC UNDERCLASSMEN AWARDS are awarded for excellence in band, chorus and/or orchestra.

  • For Excellence in Band – Yvonna Liszewski
  • For Excellence in Chorus – Samantha Castleton
  • For Excellence in Orchestra – Cristopher Villicana Ruiz

FRIENDS OF MUSIC SENIOR AWARDS are awarded to graduating seniors for excellence in band, chorus and/or orchestra.

  • For Excellence in Band – Dennon Hoernig, John Hoffman, Jacob Saltzberg
  • For Excellence in Chorus – Samantha Anthony, Erin Dooley
  • For Excellence in Orchestra – Riley McGowan
  • For Excellence in Band, Orchestra & Chorus – Samantha Anthony, Erin Dooley, Claire Duckworth, Rebecca Ploener

SHEILA BOURGEAULT AWARD is given to a graduating senior for outstanding musicianship, leadership, and spirit in Chorus. Samantha Anthony

ROBERT HOCH BAND AWARD is given to a graduating senior for outstanding musicianship, leadership, and spirit in Band. Erin Dooley

MICHAEL & SUSAN FINNEGAN SERVICE AWARD is given to a graduating senior for outstanding services in a variety of ways to the entire Music Department. Ileana Alfonso

THE CHESTER COUNTY PRESS SCHOLAR-ATHLETE AWARD is awarded to both a senior female and male athlete who is recognized for their excellence in both scholarship and athletic achievement. Codie Armitage, Megan Tandarich, and John Libert

THE MAUREEN JEFFERSON SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to both a senior female and male athlete who will continue their education, exemplified the concept of a “team player” and exhibited a dedication to teamwork and the spirit of cooperation in competition. Megan Cziraky, Lauren Hauptschein, and Connor McGlone

THE KENNETT ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to both a senior female and male athlete who will pursue a post high school education, served as an exemplary role model and showed enthusiasm and dedication. Miranda Hill, Jessica Hussey, and John “Sean” Rodgers

THE BOB SCARLETT PRIZE is awarded to the senior female athlete and THE MILMAN E. PRETTYMAN PRIZE is awarded to the senior male athlete for their outstanding sportsmanship. Casey Kollmeier, Michael Claricurzio, Madeline McCunney, and James “Stanton” Jones.

THE CHARLES M. PAYNTER CUP is awarded to the senior female athlete and THE FRANK W. GRAFF CUP is awarded to the senior male athlete who has rendered outstanding athletic service during their senior year. Athena Grivas and Charles Stinson

THE KENNETH A. WEBB CUP is awarded to the senior female athlete and THE WILLIAM A. SHOEMAKER MEMORIAL CUP is awarded to the senior male athlete who, in the judgement of the coaches, has demonstrated individual proficiency and unusual effort in a sport. Jordan Goddard, Ryan Eberle, Mary Nichols, and Beau Schmeusser.

THE NATHAN W. KENDIG CUP is awarded to the senior female athlete and THE RAYMOND M. MOYNIHAN TROPHY is awarded to the senior male athlete who has a combination of athletic ability, academic achievement, and outstanding school service. Becca Shoemaker and Joseph Wikol

THE DR. LARRY C. BOSLEY CUP is awarded to the senior female athlete and THE ROBERT C. ROSELLE CUP is awarded to the senior male athlete who has been actively involved in two or more Kennett High School activities, one of which being a sport. These recipients have also made a considerable contribution to the Kennett Community. Emma Rasero and Tyler LaCosta

THE HOLCROFT AWARD is awarded to the senior male soccer player in recognition for outstanding soccer ability. Luis Montero Acosta

THE HOVDE AWARD is awarded to the senior wrestler in recognition for outstanding wrestling ability. Tyler LaCosta

THE JAMES F. DONAHUE CUP is awarded to the senior baseball player who has demonstrated outstanding baseball ability and character throughout his entire Kennett High School baseball career. Matthew Kelly

THE DR. D. DUER REYNOLDS MEMORIAL CUP is awarded to both a senior female and male athlete who has earned the school letter and has contributed the most to athletics during their entire high school career. Bailey Reigel, Aubrey Robinson, and John-Paul Dean.

WIN AWARDS are presented to the students who have participated in all WIN activities and assigned community services during their senior year. Nathalie Davalos-Sanchez, Kenbeli Jacome Garcia, Rocio Jaimes Cruz, Maria Juarez-Castaneda, Maria Ortiz Ortiz, Yulisa Oseguera Lopez, and Anjelica Rodriguez.

LONGWOOD ROTARY CLUB AWARD is awarded to a WIN student who shows exceptional character and whose words and gestures mirror the Rotary motto: Service above Self. Yulisa Oseguera Lopez.

HERMANITAS SCHOLARSHIPS are awarded to students who have participated in all Hermanitas activities and assigned community services during their senior year: Kenbeli Jacome Garcia, Rocio Jaimes Cruz, Maria Juarez-Castaneda, Maria Ortiz Ortiz and Yulisa Oseguera Lopez.

RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE AWARD honors our junior class recipient with the Rensselaer Medal Award Certificate for outstanding academic achievement in the study of mathematics and science. This year’s recipient is Christian Samulewicz.

CONGRESSMAN PATRICK MEEHAN GOOD CITIZEN AWARD is given to both one male and one female senior who best exhibit characteristics of leadership, courage, and scholarship. Communities thrive when people go beyond what is asked of them and make an effort to help all. These citizens have demonstrated an inspiring commitment to school and country. This year’s recipients are Becca Shoemaker and Joseph Wikol.

DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION GOOD CITIZENS AWARD honors an outstanding young person in the senior class who demonstrates qualities of a good citizen. Our school winner of the prestigious DAR Good Citizen Award was recognized for her dependability, service, leadership and patriotism. This year’s recipient is Zoe Livingston.

BEST OF THE CLASS salutes for academic excellence. Our recipient was invited to participate in the WPVI-TV Channel 6 ABC taping for “Best of the Class of 2016” at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey. The event included activities such as guest speakers and networking opportunities for these accomplished future leaders. This year’s “Best of the Class” is Julie Bates.

STUDENT SERVICES PRINCIPAL’S LEADERSHIP AWARD is sponsored by the Student Services Company and is given to a student who exemplifies the qualities of Leadership, Scholarship, and School Service. This year’s recipient is Meliton “Tony” Gomez Bustos.

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Kennett Education Association Recognizes Top Students

The Kennett Education Association (KEA) held its 25th Annual Scholarship and Awards Reception, May 31, to recognize outstanding students for their academic merit and school citizenship. These students represent the excellence that the members of the Association encourage in the Kennett Consolidated School District.

The Kennett Education Association is the professKEA Scholarshipional organization of teachers, librarians, guidance counselors, school nurses, and school social workers of the Kennett Consolidated School District. Each year members of KEA select students from different levels and disciplines for special recognition for their outstanding academic achievements and school citizenship qualities. The awards are funded by contributions from members of KEA. This event represents over $7500 in support by members.

Receiving awards for their accomplishments at the elementary level were fifth grade students Norah Peterson and Jesus Ochoa-Fonseca (Bancroft Elementary School), Hayley Holder and Cooper Seele (Greenwood Elementary School), and Thomas Linderman and Sarah Burns (New Garden Elementary School). These students were awarded certificates and $50 book gift cards.

Recognized for their performances at Kennett Middle School were eighth grade students Lauren Wilson and Ryan Barish who received certificates and $100 book gift cards.

Earning accolades at the high school level for excellence throughout their high school careers in their disciplines were seniors Nicholas Young (Business Education), Jennifer Almanza (Family and Consumer Science), Olivia Avedisian (Fine Arts), Julie Bates (Mathematics), Erin Dooley (Music), Sean Rodgers (Technical Arts), Dennon Hoernig (Science) and Alex Wilson (World Languages). Becca Shoemaker earned awards in two disciplines (English and Social Studies). Each of these awards carried with it a check for $200.

Association President Mr. Michael Kelly presented the most prestigious award of the evening to Kennett High School senior Daniel J. (DJ) Augustine who will be pursuing a teaching career. Mr. Kelly welcomed DJ into the profession and commended him KEA Scholarship 2for his dedication to building the future. DJ will major in Secondary Education-History at Temple University. In his application letter, DJ did not write about knowing that he wanted to be a teacher from early on. In fact, he wrote that that decision did not occur until last summer, 2015.

Mr. Kelly remarked, “He started thinking about the people who have had the greatest impact on his life and he realized they were all teachers. It was then that he realized that being a teacher is in his blood and part of who he is. Being a teacher is what he wants to be. He wants to be the teacher who makes a difference and whose impact goes far beyond the classroom.”

Mr. Kelly presented DJ with scholarship money in the amount of $5000 to be paid over his four years of college.

A reception hosted by KEA followed the presentations.

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