Kennett Education Association Recognizes Top Students

The Kennett Education Association (KEA) held its 25th Annual Scholarship and Awards Reception, May 31, to recognize outstanding students for their academic merit and school citizenship. These students represent the excellence that the members of the Association encourage in the Kennett Consolidated School District.

The Kennett Education Association is the professKEA Scholarshipional organization of teachers, librarians, guidance counselors, school nurses, and school social workers of the Kennett Consolidated School District. Each year members of KEA select students from different levels and disciplines for special recognition for their outstanding academic achievements and school citizenship qualities. The awards are funded by contributions from members of KEA. This event represents over $7500 in support by members.

Receiving awards for their accomplishments at the elementary level were fifth grade students Norah Peterson and Jesus Ochoa-Fonseca (Bancroft Elementary School), Hayley Holder and Cooper Seele (Greenwood Elementary School), and Thomas Linderman and Sarah Burns (New Garden Elementary School). These students were awarded certificates and $50 book gift cards.

Recognized for their performances at Kennett Middle School were eighth grade students Lauren Wilson and Ryan Barish who received certificates and $100 book gift cards.

Earning accolades at the high school level for excellence throughout their high school careers in their disciplines were seniors Nicholas Young (Business Education), Jennifer Almanza (Family and Consumer Science), Olivia Avedisian (Fine Arts), Julie Bates (Mathematics), Erin Dooley (Music), Sean Rodgers (Technical Arts), Dennon Hoernig (Science) and Alex Wilson (World Languages). Becca Shoemaker earned awards in two disciplines (English and Social Studies). Each of these awards carried with it a check for $200.

Association President Mr. Michael Kelly presented the most prestigious award of the evening to Kennett High School senior Daniel J. (DJ) Augustine who will be pursuing a teaching career. Mr. Kelly welcomed DJ into the profession and commended him KEA Scholarship 2for his dedication to building the future. DJ will major in Secondary Education-History at Temple University. In his application letter, DJ did not write about knowing that he wanted to be a teacher from early on. In fact, he wrote that that decision did not occur until last summer, 2015.

Mr. Kelly remarked, “He started thinking about the people who have had the greatest impact on his life and he realized they were all teachers. It was then that he realized that being a teacher is in his blood and part of who he is. Being a teacher is what he wants to be. He wants to be the teacher who makes a difference and whose impact goes far beyond the classroom.”

Mr. Kelly presented DJ with scholarship money in the amount of $5000 to be paid over his four years of college.

A reception hosted by KEA followed the presentations.