Kennett High School Seniors Inspire Students with First Annual Senior Stroll

This year members of the 2016 graduating class from Kennett High School participated in Kennett Consolidated School District’s first-ever Senior Stroll.

An instant success in the eyes of students and staff members alike, the Senior Stroll invited the 2016 graduating class to don their graduation garb and walk the halls of all kindergarten, elementary, and middle-school campuses in the District. Together, the graduating class traveled to Kennett Middle School, New Garden Elementary School, Bancroft Elementary School, Greenwood Elementary School, and Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center. Younger students lined the halls in their respective schools to cheer on the graduating seniors. There were high fives, hugs, and even tears as students and staff members reconnected and reminisced about their wonderful memories of growing up in the Kennett Consolidated School District.

“I could not be more proud of the Kennett Consolidated School District. The Senior Stroll speaks volumes about how the District is one large community and family,” said Mrs. Christina Sinton-Gorman. Her son, Aodhàn Gorman, class of 2016, was her inspiration when she proposed the idea of the Senior Stroll in the beginning of the school year. “The Senior Stroll was the perfect way to end the year as a shining example of Kennett Consolidated School District’s #ALLIN Campaign. Seniors were given the opportunity to revisit their former schools and thank the teachers that helped them reach this point in their education. The younger students, saw the senior class as role models for what great things they too can achieve. The Senior Stroll also honored all the staff that have played a part in the graduating senior’s education. As I watched the reactions of the seniors, younger students, and the staff, my heart was filled with joy. It was a magical and beautiful day!”

“This experience gave our graduates an opportunity to thank the teachers who inspired them in their younger years, in addition to an opportunity to inspire our younger students in the kindergarten, elementary, and middle schools,” explains Kennett High School principal Mr. Jeremy Hritz. “This event is a perfect example of collaboration within our District. It started as an outstanding idea from parents and then was made a reality when principals from the high, middle, and elementary schools came together to plan.”

The Senior Stroll is bound to become a tradition after this initial success. Created to be a lifetime memory for graduating seniors, the Senior Stroll quickly became much more. The 2016 graduating class has become an inspiration to all students in the District, motivating them to work hard and graduate so they too can walk the halls, reminiscing about the first-ever Kennett Consolidated School District Senior Stroll.