Kennett High School Students Organize Summer Food Program

For the third summer, the Kennett High School Humanitarian Club volunteered at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center to assist students. The club also provided snacks for students participating in programs at the high school.

The Humanitarian Club delivered snacks to summer school students in grades one through five at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center, four days each week from July 10 through August 10. Members of the club volunteered time in the morning hours to organize and deliver food to students in their classrooms. They provided snacks to 268 children every day, with an additional snack to take home for the weekend.

Humanitarian Club members Erin Duffy and Francesca Caccamo chaired this summer’s program at the Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center. They were assisted by a dozen student volunteers from the high school’s Humanitarian Club, National Honor Society, football team, and Mr. Rob Wagner’s Extended School Year (ESY) program, as well as one student from Unionville High School’s National Honor Society Chapter.

“Participating in the Summer School Lunch Program for the past three years has been an enriching experience. I am heartened by the devotion of Kennett Area Community Service (KACS) to young members of the community. As a high school senior, I am grateful to have given back to a district that has provided me with so much,” said Erin Duffy.

Francesca added, “Helping with the food program at the Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center over the past few summers has resonated deeply with me, as it is where I spent seven years of my education. In my time there, I became aware of the widespread struggle in our small town regarding food and hunger. The chance to make a difference as a senior, in a community that has helped me so immensely in getting to where I am today, will never cease to fill me with joy and inspire me to continue my efforts.”

Ms. Lisa Teixeira, the high school’s librarian and Humanitarian Club advisor, noted, “The Kennett community is extremely supportive of our school district. The Kennett Area Community Service, sponsor of the Kennett Food Cupboard, purchased directly as well as secured donations from the Chester County Food Bank to provide the snacks that our students enjoyed. We are very grateful for their participation in our program.”

The Kennett High School Earth Club also partnered with the Humanitarian Club to maintain and harvest a bed in the community garden at Anson B. Nixon Park. All produce was donated to the Kennett Food Cupboard. The garden was originally planted by Jossy Osborne from Kennett Brewing Company, but the responsibility for upkeep was assumed by Pearce Rush, President of Earth Club.

“Volunteering in the garden was rewarding because it gave me the opportunity to give back to our community in a way that I am passionate about,” said Pearce.