2017-2018 Midterm Examination Schedule

The 2017-2018 midterm examination schedule is as follows:

Friday, January 12th schedule. This is a full day and we will follow a Friday schedule.

  • 8th Period 7:40am to 9:10am
  • Advisory 9:14am to 9:20am
  • 1st 9:23am to 9:59am
  • 2nd 10:02am to 10:38am
  • 3rd 10:41am to 11:17am-Vocational Students dismissed at 11:17am
  • 4th 11:20am to 11:56am
  • 5th 11:59am to 12:35pm
  • 6th 12:38pm to 1:13pm
  • 7th 1:16pm to 1:52pm
  • 9th 1:55pm to 2:35pm

The following is the ½ day schedule for January 16 to 19.


Jan 16th

Jan 17th

Jan 18th

Jan 19th

Exam 1


Period 1

Period 2

Period 6

Period 5

Exam 2

9:25am to 10:55am

Period 4


Period 9

Period 7

*Note that there is a 15 minute break between exams.

**Finally, seniors who have yet to present are reminded that Graduation Project presentations have been scheduled for January 18 at 11am. It is your responsibility to confirm your presentation date and time with your Graduation Project Advisor.