Below you will find the timeline for the course selection and scheduling process for next school year (2018-2019). Please read through this information to make sure you are aware of the steps in this process. Also, be mindful of the two deadlines to make changes for next school year: April 6th and May 25th. These are the only opportunities to make adjustments for 2018‐2019, so it is critical to ensure that all courses are carefully selected. Please take the time to review the information found below and in the KHS Educational Planning Guide.

FEBRUARY 13: Counselors present assemblies on the course selection process for freshmen and sophomores. Juniors received this information in a classroom presentation at the end of January.

FEBRUARY 14: Students receive a copy of the Educational Planning Guide in advisory. This guide provides course descriptions of course offerings. An electronic version is available here: Educational Planning Guide

FEBRUARY 14‐21: Students independently select elective courses on Skyward (2018-19 KHS Course Selection Directions).

FEBRUARY 22 – MARCH 6: School counselors meet with students in classes to review elective requests.

MID MARCH: Recommended core courses and requested electives are mailed home to students (this is NOT your schedule). Families may email their school counselor to make ELECTIVE request changes until April 6. No override recommendation requests will be accepted at this time.

EARLY MAY: Final copy of requests with updated teacher recommendations mailed home.

MAY 25: Last chance to make any changes in elective requests AND deadline to submit override recommendation requests for core classes.

SUMMER: Draft schedules mailed home. Students should email their school counselors if they see any errors (example: an English class is missing). Request to change elective, core class, class or lunch meeting times will not be honored.