Kennett High School Seniors to Participate in Annual Senior Stroll

On Thursday, May 31, more than 300 members of Kennett High School’s Class of 2018 will participate in the 3rd annual Senior Stroll. More students have opted to take part in the Stroll this year than in previous years.

The Stroll is an opportunity for graduating seniors to say farewell and thank you to all of their former teachers while inspiring younger students to work hard for their futures. The class of 2018, clad in cap and gown, will visit Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center, New Garden Elementary, Greenwood Elementary, Bancroft Elementary, and Kennett Middle School. The hallways of all buildings will be lined with teachers and students cheering on and wishing good luck to the soon-to-be graduates. For the first time, members of the graduating class will be wearing name tags that are color-coded based on the elementary school that they attended, so former students are easily identified as they enter their old school buildings.

Dr. Jeremy Hritz instituted the Stroll in his first year as Kennett High School principal.

“The idea actually came from Mrs. Christina Gorman, mother of Aodhan (class of 2016) and Ronan (class of 2020), so I can’t take the credit for it. But it’s a great idea. The kids are really enthusiastic about it.”

Senior Katherine Clarke said, “I’m really excited. I haven’t been back to see any of my elementary school teachers since I left for middle school.”

Katherine, like many of her classmates, attended Kennett Consolidated schools from kindergarten through twelfth grade. “We all transitioned from elementary school to middle school and then middle school to high school, but this is like one final good-bye to everyone,” she added.

Kennett High School’s 127th commencement exercises will be held on June 8.