Kennett High School (Underclassmen) Final Exam Schedule

Dear High School Underclassmen Parents:

This letter is to inform you of the Kennett High School Final Exam Schedule. The final exams are mandatory. The mid-term exam is worth 10% (ten percent) of your son or daughter’s final grade, and the final exam is worth 10% of your son or daughter’s final grade for a total of 20% (twenty percent) for the year in each subject. If he/she is not present for the final examination, he/she will not receive credit for the class. For this reason, it is very important that if your child is unexpectedly ill and unable to attend school, you must call the school so that his/her grade is not jeopardized and arrangements can be made for a time to make-up these exams.

Students are not required to be in school during a regularly-scheduled study hall or lunch period. Students who do not have a scheduled exam, but are using district transportation, must report to the cafeteria for that non-exam period.

Please be advised on June 11th, which is a full-day with a modified bell schedule, students who do not have a regularly scheduled 8th period are permitted to arrive to school for advisory period which begins at 9:14am. Students electing to arrive at 9:14am on June 11th must provide their own transportation to school. All buses will make regular morning runs. During the half days, the return home bus will begin at 11:05am. Half-days for underclassmen will begin on Thursday, June 12th.

If there is a two-hour delay because of inclement weather, we will follow our two-hour delay schedule for classes for that day with the school day ending at the regular time – 2:35pm. The examinations scheduled for that day would then be given on the following day. If school is cancelled for the entire day, examinations will be given the following day.

All Technical College High School (TCHS) students will report to TCHS as normally scheduled on June 11th which will be their last TCHS school day. Please be advised that TCHS students do not need to report to the Kennett High School on June 14th or June 15th since their exams will be finished.

The final exam schedule is posted below. If you have any questions regarding the final exam schedule, please contact any building level principal at 610-444-6620. Thank you.

Juniors are reminded that Graduation Project Presentations have been scheduled for June 12th and June 13th at 11am, 11:15am, 11:30am and 11:45am. Confirm presentation date and time with the Graduation Project Advisor.


Jeremy M. Hritz, Ed.D


2018 Final Exam Schedule