Alumni Day 2018

KHS Alumni Day Procedures 2018

On Friday, December 21st from 8:30 – 10:30 AM, we will be hosting Kennett High School graduates for our annual Alumni Day. With the recent changes in our safety procedures, this event will be conducted a bit differently this year.

All alumni visitors will have to follow guest sign-in procedures and have their driver’s licenses scanned and held to obtain a visitor’s pass. Once alumni guests receive this pass, they may access the main lobby and auditorium to enjoy holiday music presented by our wonderful students, meet with available staff members in the main lobby and auditorium, in addition to enjoying some light refreshments.

As part of our changes regarding visitors to the building, alumni guests will not be permitted in any other area of the building unless they are escorted by a staff member. The only areas accessible during this event will be the auditorium and the main lobby.

We are looking forward to seeing our graduates and wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!