Introducing “The Hub” at KHS!

What is The Hub?
The Hub is located in Room 100 (next to elevator) and is a quiet space intended for students to be able to receive support in any area of academic need. The Hub is intended to be used for a working environment, not a place to hang out!
Who is staffing The Hub?
The Hub is being staffed by teachers and instructional assistants. NHS tutors will also be volunteering time for individual or small group tutoring! Currently, The Hub will be open the following days/periods: Advisory, 1st , 2nd , 3rd (Monday and Wednesday Only), 4th , 5th (Monday and Wednesday Only), 7th , 8th. The goal is to be open every period, every day – stay tuned for more information!
How do students access The Hub?
Students can drop-in during their lunch or study hall periods, using the same procedure they would for going to the library. Students can also be assigned to The Hub via Principal recommendation, Counselor recommendation and/or KIT Team. Parents, please reach out to your child’s counselor should you have any questions!