KHS Monday Update, 3/30/2020

Good Evening,

I hope everybody had a great first day of new instruction! Our dedicated Kennett High School teaching staff worked tirelessly to prepare quality instruction for you, and hopefully, you experienced meaningful and engaging online learning!

A few quick notes as we end Monday, March 30th…

  1. PRACTICE APPROPRIATE ONLINE ETIQUETTE: Students, please be mindful of proper etiquette when engaging in online learning activities. Please note that all school rules apply to our online settings, and it is our expectation as your principals and teachers, that you conduct yourselves respectfully and responsibly. There have been a few reported instances of inappropriate language and behavior on some of the online tools teachers have been using for instruction such as Zoom. Please note that additional security and privacy actions are being taken to ensure a positive and welcoming online learning environment for all students and staff. Please be reminded that all student behavior is subject to the expectations and disciplinary procedures established in the Kennett High School Student Handbook. Parents, we appreciate your support in talking with your children about appropriate behavior when engaging in online learning. As we work during this challenging time to provide quality learning to students through an online model, we need the support of all students and parents to ensure a successful experience.
  2. LOG-IN TWICE A DAY: Students, please make sure you are logging into Schoology and checking your Blue Demons email account twice a day: once in the morning and once in the afternoon. This will ensure you are aware of what is expected of you from your teachers.

I wish you a successful week of learning and look forward to speaking with more students in the student round table setting as time goes on. If I can assist with anything, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at

Thank you,

Jeremy Hritz, Ed.D.

Principal, Kennett High School

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KHS Friday Update 3/27/2020

Greetings Kennett High School Students!

We have wrapped up our second week of “virtual” Kennett High School. I know it has been a challenge adapting to an online structure, and I truly appreciate your flexibility and commitment to fulfilling your responsibilities as a student in this new setting.

Just a reminder, new instruction begins for all of your classes on Monday! With that said, please make sure you do the following:

  • – Login to Schoology at least twice a day to check your assignments and email. Your teachers, counselors, and principals are expecting you to do so!
  • – Connect with your teachers via Schoology and email if you need help. They are here to support you!
  • – Most importantly, invest the time and energy to learn! Your teachers are developing quality online lessons so that you have continuity in your learning. Please take advantage.

I am looking forward to an excellent week of learning from all of you!

Lastly, seniors, I want to connect with you, as you are faced with a great deal of uncertainty in what should be a celebratory year for you. I would like to set up a virtual senior student round table for sometime next week, and if you would be interested in participating, please email me at This will be an opportunity to gather feedback from you and to listen to your concerns. I will be coordinating round table opportunities for underclassmen at a later date.

I hope all of you have a great weekend, and again, thank you for your flexibility during this time.


Dr. Hritz

Principal, Kennett High School

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Important Message from the Principal-3/25/2020

Kennett Pride Logo

Dear KMS & KHS Families,

Hello! We hope you and your families are doing well and have been able to set up some type of schedule and structure for being home together all day. We are about a week and a half into our extended school closure and we wanted to send you this message regarding the information you received from our Superintendent Dr. Blakey pertaining to new instruction.


Teachers will be dedicating the remainder of this week (Thursday, March 26 and Friday, March 27) to planning and creating new learning opportunities for students within Schoology. New Instruction will begin on Monday, March 30. As a result, please be aware that teachers may not be as accessible or posting new activities for the remainder of this week; however, continue to communicate with them as needed.


KMS and KHS students will need access to a device and internet to engage in online learning. At this time, the district is working to identify families that do not have internet and/or a device to connect to the internet. There will be future communications to determine how the district will help connect students to devices and the internet. In the meantime, you can help us by encouraging families to make a phone call and leave a voice message stating your child’s name, grade, and briefly describe your device/internet needs.

  • Kennett Middle School: Call 610-268-5871 (You must leave a voice message)
  • Kennett High School: Call 610-444-6622 (You must leave a voice message)


We are creating structure for our self-paced teacher created lessons that will guide students as they further their learning at home. Teachers are prioritizing content and creating learning activities that will be highly relevant and important for students. Please refer to the checklist below to help you frame your day.


❏ Log on to Schoology 2-3 times per day and check the Updates in each of your Courses.

❏ Make an agenda or schedule for yourself for the day.

❏ Spend about 1-3 hours (KMS) or 2-5 hours (KHS) completing your self-paced teacher created lessons.

❏ Take breaks as needed.

❏ Communicate with your teachers through email or Schoology messages.

❏ Show your Kennett PRIDE by giving your best effort every day.


Please remember to breathe and relax during this uncertain time. As we continue to define expectations for the extended school closing, please rest assured that our entire staff will be more flexible than ever. However, it is still our intention for students to continue to learn and grow. Our teachers are working countless hours to design and deliver high quality online learning for all students. We as a staff, are learning a lot about who we are and we are working to expand our capabilities. Grading practices are currently being discussed in case of an extended closure past the current April 14 anticipated return date.


Also, as we prepare to expand online learning for our students, here is a reminder about our District Acceptable Use Policy ; (Spanish version). As stated, when using Schoology, Google Apps, Zoom ( check out this resource for students ) and all other District programs whether in or out of school, “ users must practice proper etiquette, School District ethics, and agree to the requirements of this Policy ”, and “ Students may only use the CIS systems for educational purposes.” “Consequently, users are required to comply fully with this Policy and to report immediately any violations or suspicious activities to the building principals.”


We hope that this message answers some of your questions. Please remember things are changing daily, and we will do our best to clearly communicate all updates as we receive them. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for whatever you need. Together, we will make the most of this challenging time.

Sincerely with Kennett PRIDE ,

KMS & KHS Principals

El 25 de marzo de 2020

Estimadas familias de KMS y KHS:

¡Hola! Esperamos que usted y sus familias estén bien y hayan podido establecer algún tipo de horario y estructura para estar juntos en casa todo el día. Estamos cerca de una semana y media en el cierre de nuestra escuela extendida y queríamos enviarle este mensaje con respecto a la información que Usted recibió de nuestro Superintendente Dr. Blakey en relación con la nueva instrucción.


Los maestros dedicarán el resto de esta semana (el jueves, el 26 de marzo y el viernes, el 27 de marzo) a planificar y crear nuevas oportunidades de aprendizaje para los estudiantes en Schoology. La nueva instrucción comenzará el lunes, el 30 de marzo. Como resultado, tenga en cuenta que los maestros pueden no ser tan accesibles o publicar actividades nuevas durante el resto de esta semana; sin embargo, continúe comunicándose con ellos según sea necesario.


Los estudiantes de KMS y KHS necesitarán acceso a un dispositivo e internet para participar en el aprendizaje en línea. En este momento, el distrito está trabajando para identificar familias que no tienen internet y / o un dispositivo para conectarse al internet. Habrá futuras comunicaciones para determinar cómo ayudará el distrito a conectar a los estudiantes con los dispositivos e internet. Mientras tanto, puede ayudarnos alentando a las familias a que hagan una llamada por teléfono y dejen un mensaje de voz que indique el nombre, la calificación de su hijo y describa brevemente sus necesidades de dispositivo / internet. ● Kennett Middle School: Llame al 610-268-5871 (tiene que dejar un mensaje de voz) ● Kennett High School: Llame al 610-444-6622 (tiene que dejar un mensaje de voz)


Estamos creando una estructura para las lecciones de su propio ritmo que guiarán a los estudiantes a medida que avanzan su aprendizaje en casa. Los maestros están priorizando el contenido y creando actividades de aprendizaje que serán altamente relevantes e importantes para los estudiantes. Consulte la lista de verificación a continuación para ayudarlo a planear su día.


❏ Inicie sesión en Schoology 2-3 veces al día y verifique las Actualizaciones en cada uno de sus Cursos.

❏ Haga una agenda o un horario para usted mismo para el día.

❏ Pase aproximadamente 1-3 horas (KMS) o 2-5 horas (KHS) completando las lecciones creadas por su propio maestro.

❏ Tome descansos según sea necesario.

❏ Comuníquese con sus maestros por correo electrónico o mensajes de Schoology.

❏ Muestre su Kennett PRIDE dando su mejor esfuerzo todos los días.


Recuerde respirar y relajarse durante este tiempo incierto. A medida que continuamos definiendo las expectativas para el cierre de la escuela extendida, puede estar seguro de que todo nuestro personal será más flexible que nunca. Sin embargo, todavía es nuestra intención que los estudiantes continúen aprendiendo y creciendo. Nuestros maestros están trabajando innumerables horas para diseñar y ofrecer aprendizaje en línea de alta calidad para todos los estudiantes. Nosotros, como personal, estamos aprendiendo mucho sobre quiénes somos y estamos trabajando para expandir nuestras capacidades. Las prácticas de calificación se están discutiendo actualmente en caso de un cierre prolongado más allá de la fecha de regreso prevista para el 14 de abril.


Además, mientras nos preparamos para expandir el aprendizaje en línea para nuestros estudiantes, aquí hay un recordatorio sobre nuestra Política de uso aceptable del distrito; (Versión en español). Como se indicó, al usar Schoology, Google Apps, Zoom (consulte este recurso para estudiantes) y todos los demás programas del Distrito, ya sea dentro o fuera de la escuela, “los usuarios deben practicar la etiqueta adecuada, la ética del Distrito Escolar y aceptar los requisitos de esta Política “Y” Los estudiantes solo pueden usar los sistemas CIS con fines educativos “. “En consecuencia, los usuarios deben cumplir plenamente con esta Política y reportar inmediatamente cualquier violación o actividad sospechosa a los directores del edificio”.


Esperamos que este mensaje responda algunas de sus preguntas. Recuerde que las cosas cambian a diario y haremos todo lo posible para comunicar con claridad todas las actualizaciones a medida que las recibamos. No dude en comunicarse con nosotros para lo que necesite. Juntos, aprovecharemos al máximo este momento desafiante.

Sinceramente con Kennett PRIDE,

Los Directores de KMS y KHS

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Principal’s Message 3/20/2020

I want to take a brief moment to thank the entire KHS community–students, teachers, parents, staff, and community members–for unifying during this challenging and unprecedented time. As principal, I feel fortunate, blessed, and proud to serve such an outstanding community who care deeply about the education of our students. Your continued support as new developments emerge will be crucial for ensuring successful outcomes for our students.

I know you have been working hard on Schoology and on the different online resources provided by your teachers. Remember to take the time to engage in activities that bring you joy, and most importantly, spend time with your family and loved ones.

Parents and guardians, I want to acknowledge the support you are providing your children during this time by assisting them with their work and guiding them through this crisis. I know it is not easy, so please know I truly appreciate and value all you are doing.

This has truly been a team effort, and it speaks volumes about who we are as a school and a community. If I can be of any assistance during this time, please do not hesitate to let me know.
I will provide additional updates as they are made available.

Jeremy Hritz, Ed.D
Principal, Kennett High School

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KHS Scholarship Application

ATTENTION SENIORS: Kennett High School Scholarship Application was mailed home Friday, March 6. APPLICATIONS ARE DUE TO THE COUNSELING OFFICE BY MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2020.

A link to a PDF version of this application can be found here.

Completing this application leads to eligibility for a wide range of scholarships – some have very specific criteria, while others are more general in nature. Some awards consider criteria such as academic record, school/public service, personal character, field of study, and length of the intended educational program. While most donors of scholarships and awards have not made a student’s need for financial aid the major requirement, this need is the basis of some awards.


  • The application form, the activity form, and release form (This packet was mailed home. Extra copies can be picked up in the counseling office.)
  • A copy of the financial aid letter from the school you planned to attend.
    • If you applied for aid and have not received your aid package, please bring your aid offer to the counseling office as soon as you receive it.
    • If you did not apply for financial aid, please note that on your application.

ALSO, if you have not already notified the counseling office, please include any college acceptance letters and any scholarship offers that have already been awarded to you. We would like to acknowledge your accomplishments at graduation!

Please check out the list of scholarships in Naviance as well.

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Per Governor Wolf’s order, all Kennett Schools and District Office, with the exception of the food distribution program, will be closed until further notice. Visit the Coronavirus page posted on the District website for additional information:

Counselors will be communicating via email and will be checking it on a regular basis. Please follow us on Twitter for the latest updates (, @KHS_Counselors).

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please reach out to one of the resources listed below directly:

  • Valley Creek Crisis Center: 610-280-3270,
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
  • 911

Resource for Families:

Por el gobernador Lobo 19 de marzo de 2020 fin, todas las escuelas y la Oficina del Distrito Kennett, con la excepción del programa de distribución de alimentos, permanecerá cerrada hasta nuevo aviso a partir de mañana, 20 de marzo de 2020. Visita la página Coronavirus en el sitio web del Distrito para adicional información: 

Los consejero escolares estarán comunicándose por correo electrónico y lo revisan constantemente. Por favor siguenos en Twitter para la información más actualizada (, @KHS_Counselors).

Si estás experimentando una emergencia sobre salud mental, por favor llama a una de las agencias de la lista de abajo directamente:

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KHS Student Resources (COVID-19)

Good Morning,

I am writing to all of you today wishing good health and safety during this uncertain time that is impacting all of us, not only in the Kennett community, but also worldwide. With new developments regarding COVID-19 emerging by the minute, new questions are being presented, and we are faced with the challenge of answering them the best we can. With this communication today, I wanted to clarify what our next two weeks look like for students and share resources which may help during this time.

While we cannot replicate classroom instruction, we are working to maintain the skills students have already achieved through the yearlong collaborative efforts with our faculty. Please note the following:

  • Teachers are preparing learning activities for review, supplementation, and/or enrichment of content already learned. In some instances, new content is being provided as well. These formative activities will provide feedback for growth.
  • To access the activities and teacher resources, students should login to Schoology by clicking here: SCHOOLOGY. To access Schoology, please enter the student identification number as the username and district-provided password.
  • Teachers will be providing office hours on Schoology which are specific times you can contact them during the week. Please take advantage of these hours to communicate with your teachers.
  • To access District Office communications regarding the COVID-19, in addition to the District’s Food Distribution Plan, please click here.
  • Please note that families who do not have at-home Internet access may contact the District Office at 610-444-6600 to receive printed copies of materials.

As we learn new information regarding COVID-19 and its impact on our school, we will be certain to share it with you. We appreciate your support and understanding during these unique circumstances.


Jeremy Hritz, Ed.D.

Principal, Kennett High School

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SAT’s at KHS-Cancelled

The SAT scheduled for Saturday, March 14 at Kennett High School has been cancelled.

All registered students will receive an email from College Board with information and instructions. Please visit the College Board Website for more information at

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