KHS Student Resources (COVID-19)

Good Morning,

I am writing to all of you today wishing good health and safety during this uncertain time that is impacting all of us, not only in the Kennett community, but also worldwide. With new developments regarding COVID-19 emerging by the minute, new questions are being presented, and we are faced with the challenge of answering them the best we can. With this communication today, I wanted to clarify what our next two weeks look like for students and share resources which may help during this time.

While we cannot replicate classroom instruction, we are working to maintain the skills students have already achieved through the yearlong collaborative efforts with our faculty. Please note the following:

  • Teachers are preparing learning activities for review, supplementation, and/or enrichment of content already learned. In some instances, new content is being provided as well. These formative activities will provide feedback for growth.
  • To access the activities and teacher resources, students should login to Schoology by clicking here: SCHOOLOGY. To access Schoology, please enter the student identification number as the username and district-provided password.
  • Teachers will be providing office hours on Schoology which are specific times you can contact them during the week. Please take advantage of these hours to communicate with your teachers.
  • To access District Office communications regarding the COVID-19, in addition to the District’s Food Distribution Plan, please click here.
  • Please note that families who do not have at-home Internet access may contact the District Office at 610-444-6600 to receive printed copies of materials.

As we learn new information regarding COVID-19 and its impact on our school, we will be certain to share it with you. We appreciate your support and understanding during these unique circumstances.


Jeremy Hritz, Ed.D.

Principal, Kennett High School