KHS Scholarship Application

ATTENTION SENIORS: Kennett High School Scholarship Application was mailed home Friday, March 6. APPLICATIONS ARE DUE TO THE COUNSELING OFFICE BY MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2020.

A link to a PDF version of this application can be found here.

Completing this application leads to eligibility for a wide range of scholarships – some have very specific criteria, while others are more general in nature. Some awards consider criteria such as academic record, school/public service, personal character, field of study, and length of the intended educational program. While most donors of scholarships and awards have not made a student’s need for financial aid the major requirement, this need is the basis of some awards.


  • The application form, the activity form, and release form (This packet was mailed home. Extra copies can be picked up in the counseling office.)
  • A copy of the financial aid letter from the school you planned to attend.
    • If you applied for aid and have not received your aid package, please bring your aid offer to the counseling office as soon as you receive it.
    • If you did not apply for financial aid, please note that on your application.

ALSO, if you have not already notified the counseling office, please include any college acceptance letters and any scholarship offers that have already been awarded to you. We would like to acknowledge your accomplishments at graduation!

Please check out the list of scholarships in Naviance as well.