Final Farewell Photos

Good afternoon 2020 graduates of Kennett High School and families!

We are so excited to be sending you this message to announce that the Final Farewell photos have been finished by Mr. Jeff Moreau! Please read the email carefully as it contains much information about accessing your photos as well as best printing information.

Each student/family should have at least 10-15 high quality processed photos from their front steps shoot. You can find your photos in the Google Drive folder that matches the date and hour of your appointment. All folders can be found here: Senior Final Farewell Photos . YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN WITH A KCSD ACCOUNT TO VIEW THE PHOTOS. Feel free to download all of your photos to your personal devices and post/share as you wish.

The photos are high enough resolution that you should be great to print them at any size up through about 24”x36” (that’s big). You have all the rights to print your photos and there are lots of places that you can do so. At the end of this message is valuable information about printing recommendations from Mr. Moreau.

The optimal print sizes are 4×6’s, 8×12’s, 12×18’s, 16×24, 20×30, 24×36. If you are going to be putting a photo in something like an 8×10 or 16×20 frame, then the photo/s will need to be cropped.

If you have additional questions, feel free to email Mr. Jeff Moreau at – he is more than happy to help.

Print website recommendations:

– Very high quality decent-sized prints are available at a reasonable price is Printique You can enjoy $5 off if you use the referral code: 4658883 . Metallic finish also looks quite good for a lot of photos, if you’ve never used it.

– Clark Color ( ) is a decent middle of the line option for some smaller prints and they often run decent promotions on smaller prints.

– Walmart and similar services actually work well for 4×6’s, small prints, and memorabilia (mugs/etc) with prints on them.

We hope you enjoy your photos!

Thank you,

Your Kennett High School Admin team