KHS Mini-THON -Mark Your Calendars!

The KHS Mini-THON will take place outdoors at the Kennett Middle School campus on Friday, May 21 from 6:00 to 8:00pm. We are excited to be able to hold an in-person event this year, and we’re confident that with your support, we can make this night just as fun and just as impactful as it has been over the last five years. Together, we are partnering with Four Diamonds to conquer childhood cancer and bring hope to families in their battles!

When we return from break, it’s Mini-THON Challenge week! Teacher and student volunteers will complete ridiculous challenges based on how many registrations and donations we collect that week.

Here are the challenges corresponding to the number of registrations collected the week

  • If 25 people register… Ms. August, Ms. Hartford, and Ms. Curry will post a TikTok video!
  • If 50 people register… Mr. Schultz and Mr. O’Sullivan will do a free throw shootout, and the winner will pour a bucket of ice water on the loser!
  • If 75 people register… Mr. Thomas and Mr. Brientnall will complete Jimmy Fallon’s egg Russian Roulette game, in which they will select eggs from a carton to smash on their heads, not knowing which are hard boiled or raw. The first person to crack two raw eggs on their head loses!
  • If 100 people register… Ms. Wilson will wear a costume to school and Ms. Morihara will do a lip sync performance!

Here are the challenges corresponding to donations collected this week…(You can donate on our Donor Drive page)

  • If we raise $500… Grace Pruitt will wear a dinosaur costume at the mini-THON
  • For $1,000… Mr. Duffy, Ms. Teixeira, and Ms. Miller will wear a tutu to school, and Mikayla Klenk will wear a shark costume!
  • For $2,000… Ms. Rudisill and Ms. Lamoreux will play Ellen’s game of taste! They’ll be blindfolded and then eat mystery food off the table.
  • For $3,000… Mr. Battin, Mr. Gramlich, and Mr. Augustine will take a pie to their face!!
  • For $4,000… Gavin Maxwell will shave his head!
  • And for $5,000… Dr. Hritz and Mr. Kotz will be duct taped to the cafeteria wall for all three lunch periods!

We will close out the Challenge Week with our second virtual Jeopardy Night on Friday, April 9 from 7:00-8:00pm!

Assemble a team of 2-4 contestants, then have the team captain sign up on, the same website where you register for the mini-THON. Google “Mini-THON Jeopardy Night – Challenge Week,” and you’ll see our page. You can also find the link on the Library High School Schoology page.

Take a few minutes to register, and we’ll see you that night!