Kennett High School, Being In Community

Kennett High School Student Daily Expectations

December is upon us and as we move into a festive time of year, let us be mindful of being in community with one another! Please be reminded of the KHS Student Expectations.

KHS Student Expectations

  1. Be respectful, kind, and welcoming to all students, staff, and community members.
  2. Give your best effort to learn every day.
  3. Actively find ways to help your peers, staff, and community members.
  4. Have integrity and be accountable: own what you say and what you do.
  5. Keep your school safe: if you see or hear something, tell a trusted adult.
  6. Get involved in your school and your community.
  7. Actively ask your teachers, counselors, and principals for help and take advantage of Flex.
  8. Use your technology responsibly.
  9. Be punctual to school and to class, and make sure you have a pass when leaving the classroom.
  10. Be proud of your school, your community, and respect it.