2022 Summer Coursework/ Assignments

Kennett High School Summer Coursework/ Expectations (2022)




English Survey of Literature Assignment
Advanced Assignment
  World Literature Assignment
  Advanced American Literature Advanced Assignment
  Advanced Placement Language and Composition Assignment
  English and Advanced English 12 Assignment
  Honors British Literature Assignment-Summer Reading
  Advanced Placement Literature and Composition Assignment
  Honors Survey of Literature Assignment
Modified English Summer Work Instructions Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5
Option 6
Math Advanced Placement Computer Science A No Work
  Advanced Placement Calculus AB Calculus AP – Summer Packet
History Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics

Assignment (Google Link)

Assignment (PDF)

  AP Macroeconomics Assignment
  Advanced Placement Comparative Government and Politics Assignment
  Advanced Placement Psychology Assignment
Science Advanced Placement Biology Assignment
  Honors Chemistry Assignment
  APES Assignment
World Languages Advanced Placement Spanish AP Spanish – Summer Packet
  Advanced Placement French Français AP Summer Packet

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Dozens of Kennett High School artists displayed their talents for their fellow students, teachers, staff, and parents at the school’s annual art show held in the auxiliary gym on April 29.

The show included works from all visual arts classes within the Fine Arts Department. Teachers Ms. Jodi Davidson, Mr. Tom Hironimus, and Mrs. Kathy Caputo Nelms guided their students through the creation and exhibition of their artwork; all three teachers are undeniably impressed by their students.

Mrs. Caputo Nelms said, “The KHS Art Show was an exhibit of work by students from grades 9 through 12 featuring drawings, paintings, ceramics, digital photographs, and graphic designs. Congratulations to the students in the Visual Arts Department on their excellent work this year.”

“The high school art show is a special day for Kennett High School art students. Not only do the students get to show off their skills, but it’s also an opportunity for the KHS staff and students to see their incredible talents and achievements. It’s their day. They work extremely hard throughout the school year to get better at their craft. The art show is their opportunity to be celebrated for all of that hard work and dedication throughout the course for the year. They absolutely deserve all of the accolades they receive,” added Mr. Hironimus.

“The KHS Annual Art show is always one of my favorite events of the year for my students. We have live demos and artwork from Introduction to Ceramic students to Honors 4s. After the pause we had on the show because of COVID for the past two years, it was nice to be back in the swing of things and see the students showcasing their work. The gym was buzzing with positive energy as teachers brought down their classes throughout the day to see the Art Show,” said Ms. Davidson. Her students demonstrated their skills throughout the day, as they took turns throwing pieces on a pottery wheel.

By all accounts, the show was a tremendous success.

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Planet Fitness Offers Free Gym Memberships

Planet Fitness offers free gym memberships to high school students this summer

Research shows when teens exercise regularly, it improves their academics and leads to better mental and physical health

Registration begins May 16 but students can pre-register on the company’s website to get a reminder later this month. Teens younger than 18 must sign up at a Planet Fitness location with a parent.

“We believe we have a responsibility to provide a welcoming, safe and judgment free environment for high school students to improve their physical and mental wellness,” said Chris Rondeau, the chain’s CEO. “Particularly given the challenges they have and continue to face in the wake of the pandemic.”

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Kennett High School Artist Wins Big at Chester County Show

Kennett High School sophomore Emily Hoppenjans was recognized for her exceptional talent at the 2022 Chester County High School and 6th Congressional District Art Exhibition. Emily’s untitled charcoal portrait of Billie Eilish won first place honors in the drawing category.

Art students from schools across Chester County entered nearly 500 pieces in the show that ran from April 8 through April 22 at the Chester County Art Association.

Emily is a student of art teacher Mr. Tom Hironimus. She has taken both the intro and studio art courses with Hironimus, the 2018 recipient of the Chester County Art Association Excellence in Teaching Award.

Emily Hoppenjans charcoal piece

Untitled piece by Emily Hoppenjans

When asked about the inspiration behind her piece, Emily said the idea actually came from her sister. Tasked by Mr. Hironimus with creating a charcoal portrait, Emily was excited since charcoal is her “favorite medium so far” but says she couldn’t decide on a subject.

“I asked my sister who she thought I should draw, and she said she wanted me to draw Billie Eilish because we both enjoy her music,” explained Emily.

Emily has loved art for as long as she can remember.

“In fact, whenever we went to my grandparents’ house when I was little, I would go straight into the basement and pull out a big bin of paper and markers, and I would draw. I did not take art seriously or realize I had a talent for it until eighth grade,” she said.

Even though college is still a few years away, Emily is considering a potential minor in art, and she definitely sees art as part of her future.

“Even if I don’t incorporate art into my career, it will always be a hobby of mine,” she said.

Understandably, Mr. Hironimus had high praise for his student.

“It is always an honor to have a student be recognized for their hard work. Emily is an extremely talented young woman whose outstanding work was acknowledged with this prestigious award,” he said.

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