Kennett High School’s Mini-THON Raises $51,000

A dedicated and passionate group of 250 KHS students remained on their feet from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Feb. 21 for Mini-THON, an event to raise money for the Four Diamonds Fund to benefit pediatric cancer research and families whose children are battling the disease. Through a variety of events, raffles, generous corporate contributions, and donations, students have worked tirelessly in pursuit of this year’s goal, and the donations continue to accrue. Despite the fact that this is Kennett’s fifth year sponsoring a Mini-THON, enthusiasm is certainly not waning.

Modeled after Penn State’s Dance Marathon (THON), Kennett High School’s Mini-THON featured eight hours packed with fun activities, music, and food, all with a carnival theme.

minithon-doggraceBenefactors of this year’s event include Diamond Level Sponsors Austin & Bednash and Chatham Financial; Gold Level Sponsors High Tech Auto Body, Kennett Education Foundation, and Sinton Air Conditioning and Heating; and Silver Level Sponsors Baccellieri Family Dentistry, Cricket Wireless Kennett Square, Kennett Copy & More, MacElree Harvey, and Perfect Impressions​. In addition, Kennett’s Mini-THON was supported by twenty local businesses that donated food or money

Faculty advisors for the event were Lisa Teixeira, KHS librarian and Humanitarian Club moderator, and Shawn Duffy, social studies teacher and Humanitarian Club assistant moderator. Twenty-five Mini-THON Executive Student Committee Members were led by senior event chairs Ian Dargitz and Ashley Willey, along with underclassman chairs Emma Henderson, Gavin Maxwell, and Grace Pruitt. Joining these student leaders for the event were Kennett alum Michael Bellino and several teacher chaperones.

While Mini-THON participants remain on their feet for eight hours, Kennett’s principal Dr. Jeremy Hritz takes that a step farther — thousands of steps farther actually. Dr. Hritz runs laps around the high school’s track for the duration of the event to demonstrate his support for the students and raise funds through contributions to his personal donor page. This year, he ran 41.73 miles, topping last year’s distance by over seven miles.

Dr. Hritz offered high praise: “Mini-THON is a testament to the initiative and commitment of Kennett High School students. The student leadership involved in planning and executing such an event is incredible, and I am so proud of how our students put together an amazing event to raise money to support an honorable cause. Our students are simply the best!”


Event co-chairs Ian Dargitz and Ashley Willey were ecstatic about the outcome of this year’s event. Ian commented, “Kennett is lucky to have a variety of kind, talented, and hardworking individuals, and their efforts paid dividends this year. Together, we have set a new record by raising over $50,000 for pediatric cancer treatment, and I am confident that our highly capable community will continue to outperform itself.”

“Mini-THON 2020 was unbelievable. This year we decided to change things up and have Mini-THON after school. Even though we had fewer participants, everyone was so dedicated, and we ended up raising a record amount! Also, we invited the Kennett community for community hour, and we were thrilled to welcome families for music, carnival games, and popcorn. The community is a huge factor in our success. I will remember this Mini-THON forever, and I am so grateful to be able to finish off my high school career this way,” added Ashley

If you would like to make a donation, please visit the KHS Mini-THON page at, search “Kennett High School donor drive” or call the school at 610-444-6617 for more information.

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KCSD to Implement New Visitor Procedures on Friday, February 1st at All Buildings

In an effort to continuously improve upon a safe & secure environment for our students and staff, the District, in collaboration with local law enforcement, identified priorities related to building security which included the revised visitor procedures listed below. These procedures will be implemented at all buildings beginning Friday, February 1st.

Thank you and we truly appreciate your support and cooperation moving forward.

Building Entrance Procedures

  • All visitors must have an appointment.
  • All visitors will be welcomed with a standardized script, and will need to provide their name and purpose of their visit.
  • All visitors shall enter through the main entrance of the school and report immediately to the main office.
  • If leaving an item for a student or staff member, please notify the main office and place the item(s) in the collection box located outside the main entrance to be collected in a timely manner.

Visitor Identification Procedures

  • All visitors must present photo identification. The photo ID will be secured in the main office and will be returned upon sign out.
  • Authorized visitors will be given a red KCSD Visitor lanyard and badge which must be worn at all times while in the building.

*A visitor is considered any person not employed by the KCSD.

Es un esfuerzo continuo por mejorar un entorno seguro para nuestros estudiantes y personal, el distrito escolar en colaboración con las autoridades locales, identificó las prioridades relacionadas con la seguridad del edificio que incluyen los procedimientos revisados ​​para visitantes que se mencionan a continuación.Estos procedimientos se implementarán en todos los edificios, a partir del viernes 1° de febrero.

Agradecemos enormemente su apoyo y cooperación para avanzar.

Procedimientos de entrada al edificio escolar

  • Todos los visitantes deben tener una cita.
  • Todos los visitantes serán recibidos con un guión estandarizado, solicitando su nombre y el propósito de la visita.
  • Todos los visitantes deberán ingresar por la entrada principal de la escuela e informar inmediatamente a la oficina principal.
  • Si va a dejar un artículo para el estudiante o miembro del personal, notifique a la oficina principal y coloque los artículos en la caja de recolección ubicada, afuera de la entrada principal, para que se recojan de manera oportuna.

Procedimientos de identificación para visitantes

  • Todos los visitantes deben presentar una identificación con foto, para inspección en la oficina principal. La identificación se asegurará en la oficina principal y se devolverá al momento de cerrar la sesión y regresar el cordón de visitante.
  • A todos los visitantes autorizados se les entregará un cordón rojo y una insignia de visitante de KCSD que se deben usar en todo momento mientras se encuentre en el edificio escolar.

*Cualquier visitante es considerado persona no empleada por el KCSD.

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KCSD Announces Roll-out of the Anonymous Statewide Reporting System, “Safe2Say Something” (S2SS).

Dear Parents,

In an ongoing effort to increase school safety, I am pleased to announce the roll-out of the anonymous statewide reporting system, “Safe2Say Something” (S2SS). This system allows students, parents, or community members to submit anonymous and confidential tips 24/7 through a website, app, or by phone. A crisis center then reviews and assesses all submissions before forwarding relevant information to law enforcement and/or the school for intervention. Users may report observed threats, behaviors, actions, and harassment such as bullying.

The S2SS program is a youth violence prevention program started by Sandy Hook Promise, a national nonprofit organization focused on preventing violence before it happens by educating and mobilizing youth and adults to identify, intervene, and get help for individuals who may be at-risk of hurting themselves or others.

We will be holding a parent information meeting regarding this new initiative on Tuesday, January 22, at 6:45 p.m. in the Kennett High School Auxiliary Gym. We will also be live streaming the presentation for those who are unable to attend in person. A live stream link will be posted on Additionally, a recording of the meeting and other S2SS resources will be made available on our website.

I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have on January 22. If you are unable to attend and have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach me directly at (610) 444-6602.


Barry Tomasetti, Ed.D.


Safe2Say Something Resources

Queridos padres,

En un esfuerzo continuo por aumentar la seguridad escolar, me complace anunciar el lanzamiento del sistema de informes anónimos en todo el estado; “Safe2Say Something” (S2SS). Este Sistema permite a los estudiantes, padres, o miembros de la comunidad, enviar sugerencias anónimas y confidenciales 24 horas del día/7dias de la semana, através de un sitio web, una aplicación, o por teléfono. Una vez enviadas, un centro de crisis revisa y evalúa todas las presentaciones, antes de enviar información relevante a la policía y / o a la escuela para la intervención. Los usuarios pueden reportar amenazas, comportamientos, acciones, y hostigamientos observados, así tambien como el acoso escolar.

El programa S2SS, es un programa de prevención de la violencia juvenil, iniciado por Sandy Hook Promise, una organización nacional, sin fines de lucro que se enfoca en prevenir la violencia, antes de que suceda, educando y movilizando a jóvenes y adultos, para que identifiquen, intervengan, y obtengan ayuda para personas que puedan correr el riesgo de lastimárse, así mismos, o a los demás.

Tendremos una reunion informativa para padres, sobre esta nueva iniciativa, el martes 22 de enero a las 6:45 p.m. en la gimnasio auxiliar de Kennett High School. También transmitiremos la presentación en vivo para aquellos que no puedan asistir en persona. Se publicará un enlace de transmisión en vivo, en Y también una grabación de la reunión y otros recursos de S2SS estarán disponibles en nuestro sitio web.

Espero conocerlos y responder cualquier pregunta que puedan tener el 22 de enero. Si no puede asistir, y tiene alguna pregunta, o inquietud, no dude en comunicarse conmigo directamente al (610) 444-6602.


Barry Tomasetti, Ed.D.


Safe2Say Something Resources

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