KHS Announces National Merit Semifinalists

Kennett High School is proud to announce that seniors Benjamin A. Jordan and Sarah E. Ploener have been recognized as National Merit Semifinalists in the 63rd annual National Merit Scholarship Program. two students standing outside

Benjamin and Sarah were among approximately 1.6 million juniors who entered the 2018 National Merit Program by taking the 2016 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) that served as an initial screen of program entrants.

In addition to being a member of the National Honor Society, Benjamin is a member of the Varsity Academic Team, Future Business Leaders of America, the Mock Trial Team, Model UN, and the German activity club. He also plays doubles for the varsity tennis team.

Sarah plays clarinet in the marching band and jazz band, and is a member of the string ensemble. She is also a member of the Varsity Academic Team, the Demon Robotics Team, Model UN, and the Gender Sexuality Alliance.

“We are tremendously proud of Sarah and Benjamin for their accomplishments,” said Kennett High School Principal Dr. Jeremy Hritz. “They are outstanding students who represent everything that is great about Kennett High School.”

The nationwide pool of semifinalists represents less than one percent of high school seniors and includes the highest scoring entrants in each state. The number of semifinalists in each state is proportional to the state’s percentage of the national total of graduating seniors.

These students are eligible to continue in the program competition for some 7,500 National Merit Scholarship awards worth more than $33 million to be offered in the spring. To advance to the finalist level and to be considered for a Merit Scholarship award, semifinalists must fulfill several additional requirements. These include an outstanding academic record, endorsement by the principal, and SAT scores that confirm the preliminary results. The semifinalist and his or her counselor must submit a detailed scholarship application that includes the student’s essay and information about the student’s participation and leadership in school and community activities.

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September News

Welcome Back!

September Calendar

  • This calendar could be updated throughout the month, please check back regularly.
  • If you have any questions about events on this calendar, please contact the school office @ 610-444-6620
  • This calendar will report events concerning the High School Only!
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Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

Dear KHS Parents, Guardians and Students:

Greetings! We hope that you have had an enjoyable and relaxing summer and that you are ready for an amazing school year to begin! All of us at Kennett High School—administrators, teachers, and support staff—could not be more excited for the return of our outstanding students, and we are anticipating a remarkable year that continues to build on the traditions and successes of our storied history.

On Monday, August 28, 2017, our new school year will commence. Throughout our first day of school, the Principals will meet with each grade level in the auditorium to share our expectations and goals for the 2017-2018 school year. Our expectations for students have never been greater. We expect all students to create and to enjoy their most inspiring, motivating, and energizing year of high school yet. It is our expectation for every student to set goals that will challenge them to reach even greater levels of academic achievement, involvement and engagement in the KHS school community.

Following are additional events for students and parents to be aware:

Picture Day Tuesday, August 29th – Please come prepared with your academic attire and your best smile!

KHS Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (PTSO) Meeting – Please join me in the KHS Library on Tuesday, September 5th at 6:45pm for an overview of our schools goals for the 2017-2018 school year, as well as a preview of future KHS PTSO meetings.

Parent Orientation NightThis annual event is scheduled for Thursday, September 14th from 6:30-9pm.

Orientation Night will provide opportunities to meet your son and/or daughter’s teachers and receive an overview of course expectations, as you follow their course schedule for an actual school starting with the advisory period and concluding with ninth period. Information regarding the advisory room where you are to report will be posted on the hallway walls heading toward the cafeteria. In order for all to proceed to classes in a timely fashion, we will ring the bell and announce to report to next period. If your child has a study hall or you have a free moment, please visit our high school library for additional information and refreshments.

Homecoming Week – This much-anticipated spirit week is scheduled for Monday, September 18th through Saturday, September 23rd. The week will conclude on the 23rd with the Homecoming Dance from 7:00 – 10:00 PM in the Reynolds Gymnasium.

Included with the mailing home was a copy of our Attendance Policy to remind all of our expectations. In order to succeed in any academic/career setting, regular and timely attendance is critical. We also included an Emergency Card that should be returned to your child’s advisory teacher during the first week of school.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 610-444-6620. I am looking forward to seeing all of you on the front steps of the high school on August 28th! Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer.


Jeremy M. Hritz, Ed.D.


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Bienvenido al Año Escolar 2017-2018

Estimados Padres/ Tutores y Estudiantes de KHS:

¡Saludos! Esperamos que usted haya tenido un verano agradable y relajante y que estés listo para comenzar un año escolar increíble! Todos nosotros en la Escuela Preparatoria de Kennett -administradores, maestros y personal de apoyo- no podíamos estar más emocionados por el regreso de nuestros sobresalientes estudiantes, y estamos anticipando un año notable que se sigue construyendo sobre las tradiciones y los éxitos de nuestra historia.

El lunes, 28 de agosto de 2017, comenzará nuestro nuevo año escolar. A lo largo de nuestro primer día de clases, los Directores se reunirán con cada grado en el auditorio para compartir nuestras expectativas y metas para el año escolar 2017-2018. Nuestras expectativas para los estudiantes nunca han sido mayores. Esperamos que todos los estudiantes creen y disfruten de un año más inspirador, motivador y energizante de preparatoria. Es nuestra expectativa de que cada estudiante establezca metas que los desafíen a alcanzar niveles aún mayores de logro académico, participación e involucramiento en la comunidad escolar de KHS.

Los siguientes son eventos adicionales para que los estudiantes y los padres sepan:

Día de la fotografía – Martes, 29 de agosto – Por favor venga preparado con su atuendo académico y su mejor sonrisa!

Reunión de la Organización de Padres y Maestros/Estudiantes de KHS (PTSO) – Por favor, únase conmigo en la Biblioteca de KHS el martes 5 de septiembre a las 6:45 pm para una visión general de las metas de nuestras escuelas para el año escolar 2017-2018, KHS PTSO así como un avance de futuras reuniones.

Noche de Orientación de Padres – Este evento anual está programado para el jueves 14 de septiembre de 6:30-9pm.

La Noche de Orientación proveerá oportunidades para conocer a los maestros de su hijo/a` y recibir una visión general de las expectativas del curso, al seguir su horario de curso para una escuela real comenzando con el período de asesoramiento y concluyendo con el noveno período. La información acerca del salón de asesoramiento donde te vas a reportar será publicada en las paredes del pasillo que se dirigen hacia la cafetería. Para que todos puedan proceder a las clases de manera oportuna, tocaremos la campana y anunciaremos que se reportará al próximo período. Si su hijo tiene un salón de estudio o tiene un momento libre, por favor visita nuestra biblioteca de la escuela preparatoria para obtener información adicional y refrigerios.

Semana del regreso a clases – Esta esperada semana de espíritu está programada para el lunes 18 de septiembre hasta el sábado 23 de septiembre. La semana concluirá el 23 con el baile de regreso a clases de 7:00 – 10:00 PM en el Gimnasio de Reynolds.

Se incluye con este envío una copia de nuestra Política de Asistencia para recordar todas nuestras expectativas. Con el fin de tener éxito en cualquier ámbito académico / carrera, la asistencia regular y oportuna es fundamental. También hemos incluido una Tarjeta de Emergencia que debe ser devuelta a su maestro/a asesor la primera semana de clases.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros por teléfono al 610-444-6620. ¡Tengo muchas ganas de verlos a todos en los peldaños de la secundaria el 28 de agosto! Hasta entonces, disfruta el resto de tu verano.


Doctor en Educación Jeremy M. Hritz.


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Kennett High School Attendance Policy and Procedures

Forming responsible habits regarding attendance and promptness is important. Parents are expected to support the goal of punctuality by having their children arrive on time, remain in school for a full day, and schedule appointments after school hours.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires children to attend school regularly until they are 17 years of age. An absence from school that is not valid will be recorded as unlawful for students 16 years of age and younger and unexcused for students 17 years of age and older. No student under the age of 17 may withdraw from school unless his/her parent or guardian signs a formal withdrawal form.

Classification of Absences

Excused Absence:

  • Illness of student
  • Death in the family or of a close friend
  • Legal business requiring the student’s presence
  • Scheduled appointments to a physical or mental healthcare provider, including, but not limited to, a physician, dentist, orthodontist, and psychologist
  • Pre-approved family trip
  • The school buses’ inability to operate in inclement weather
  • Observance of religious holidays
  • Suspension or expulsion from school

Unexcused Absence

  • Employment – excluding work release
  • Truancy
  • Parental neglect or oversleeping
  • Missing the bus
  • Family language translation needs
  • Babysitting
  • Staying home to do school work

An unlawful absence from school may result in a disciplinary consequence, a truancy citation or a fine imposed by the District Judge. Absence for “personal reasons” need to be reviewed by the administration to determine the validity of the absence. Students who do not attend a field trip or school day event are still expected to attend school. Students who are 17 years of age and older with excessive school absence will be required to meet with the school administration to review their school status.

Attendance Procedures

  1. Students must submit a written parental note for any absence within three (3) days of the absence. Any excuse which is recognized as a forgery will be unexcused and will result in disciplinary action.
  2. Any student absent three (3) consecutive days or more due to illness must report to the Nurse’s Office prior to getting a readmission slip from the Attendance Office.
  3. Missed work can be made up by a student at 80% credit if the absence is not approved.
  4. Students absent from school or arriving after 11:00 a.m. will not be permitted to participate in or attend practices, plays, sporting events or activities held after school hours on the day of the absence. Exceptions can be made by the Principal.

Procedure for Excusing Absences

Parents calling the school regarding an absence should call the Attendance Office at (610) 444-6638 before 8:30 a.m. AND must send in a note excusing the child. The written note must be received within THREE (3) days of the student’s return to school AND contain the following information:

  • The student’s legal name
  • Student’s ID number
  • The exact date(s) of the absence
  • The reason for the absence
  • Signature of parent or guardian

If the absence is not excused with a note within a three day period following the absence, the absence will become unexcused. For a student sixteen years of age or younger, this will be considered an illegal absence.

Any excuse which is recognized as a forgery will be unexcused and result in disciplinary action.

Absence Notification Call

The District uses an automated call system to communicate with families about absenteeism. Computerized attendance reports are generated at 8:30 a.m. Once a report is generated, it cannot be updated until after the automated call goes out, which occurs at 9:30 a.m. daily. Therefore, when a student arrives to school after 8:30 a.m., the call that you receive will indicate that the student was absent because the student checked in after the report was generated. Students sign a log when they arrive late to school. The log is used to update attendance after the automated call is sent. If you believe that you received the call in error, please contact the Attendance Office. Also be reminded that parents should try make absence calls to the Attendance Office at (610) 444-6638 before 8:30 a.m.

Procedure for Excusing Lateness

The school day starts at 7:40 a.m. and ends at 2:35 p.m. Students are expected to be in advisory by 7:40 a.m. For safety reasons and accountability, a student who is late in arriving to school must report to the Attendance Office, sign in, and obtain an admit-to-class slip. All notes are due upon arrival to school. Failure to do so will result in the student being assigned a lunch, or after school detention. Students arriving before 7:49 a.m. will serve a twenty minute detention, and students who are late after 7:50 a.m. will be assigned a one hour detention.

  • Students should recognize that a written explanation from home does not automatically cause the tardiness to be excused. Such reasons as car trouble, personal business, heavy traffic, home obligations, translation needs, family responsibilities, etc., while understandable, are not valid reasons for being late to school.
  • A student who is late to school because of an appointment with a doctor, dentist, lab, or because of required attendance in court must provide a written note upon arrival to school from whom the appointment was held.
  • If a student is late because of illness, it will be considered excused when verified by a note from home. If a health problem exists that causes the student to be late frequently, a doctor’s note should be supplied for the student’s file.

If a student accumulates more than 10 latenesses (excused and unexcused) to school per semester, the student will be placed on the Level II Attendance Plan. However, documented medical tardies are excluded. When a student is late after the 10th occurrence, he/she will be assigned a Saturday School.

Planned Absences

No planned absence will be approved during state assessments, midterm and final examinations unless approved by the Principal. A School Administrator may consider a planned absence of three or more days for a family vacation, trip, etc., excused under the following conditions:

  • Obtain a Planned Absence Approval Form. Forms are available online and in the Attendance Office.
  • Have the student complete Part I of the form.
  • Submit form to the Attendance Office a week prior to the anticipated absence to complete Part II of the form.
  • The student’s attendance history will be reviewed by the Attendance Office prior to the request being submitted to the student’s principal for approval.
  • Once the request gets approved, the student will be called to the Attendance Office to pick up the form.
  • The student communicates with his/her teachers regarding make-up work, and asks teachers to sign Part III.
  • RETURN the original form to the Attendance Office.

All missed work should be completed within a week of the return date. Without prior arrangement, the absence will be marked as unexcused and/or unlawful. All TCHS students must provide a copy of the approval to TCHS.

College Visitations

Parents may request an excused absence for students wishing to visit colleges or universities during each school year. Students must follow the following steps for a college visit to count as an excused absence:

  • Obtain a Planned Absence Approval Form. Forms are available online and in the Attendance Office.
  • Have the student complete Part I of the form.
  • Submit form to the Attendance Office a week prior to campus visit to complete Part II of the form.
  • Once the request gets approved, the student will be called to the Attendance Office to pick up the form.
  • The student communicates with his/her teachers regarding make-up work, and asks teachers to sign Part III.
  • Have a representative from the campus or institution complete Part IV and RETURN the original form to the Attendance Office after the college visit.
  • Forms are due within THREE (3) days of the student’s return to school.

If more than one college/university is visited on the approved date, verification need only be obtained from a representative at one campus/facility.

Early Dismissal Guidelines

On the morning of the early dismissal, have your child provide a written note to the Main Office containing the following information:

  • Student’s full name
  • Date of early dismissal
  • Reason for early dismissal
  • Signature of parent or guardian
  • A telephone number where the parent can be contacted for verification

The school office will contact the parent listed to verify the note provided. Once the early dismissal is confirmed, the student should pick up the early dismissal pass in the Main Office.

Please note: Any early dismissals that are not confirmed will not be able to be processed until the Main Office receives confirmation from the parent or guardian.

An early dismissal will be considered excused as long as the early dismissal is confirmed by the Main Office. Failure to comply with the early dismissal procedure could result in disciplinary action.

Students returning to school must sign back in at the Attendance Office and get a class pass. This policy also applies to students who drive to school.

Parents calling the school granting their child an early dismissal without a written note must personally pick up their child at the school and complete an Early Dismissal Form. The Main Office receives early dismissal calls at (610) 444-6620.

TCHS Attendance

TCHS students who are present at KHS but will miss TCHS on the same day, must sign out in the Main Office. A sign-out log will be available for students. This half-day TCHS absence is considered a 1.00 day school absence from TCHS and in compliance with the attendance laws – The student is responsible for providing KHS and TCHS with a copy of the note within three (3) days of their absence. If a note is not received within the three (3) days, the absence will be considered unexcused and the student may receive a disciplinary consequence. In the event that the student does not sign-out, the student will still be responsible for submitting a note to both TCHS and KHS.

Please note: Any TCHS field trip forms or job shadow observations must be submitted to the Attendance Office at least a week in advance.

Class Attendance

Class attendance will be verified each period by the teacher in the electronic Gradebook attendance system. If it is determined that a student has cut a class, the teacher will submit the student’s name to the Assistant Principal who will determine if the absence is excused or unexcused and take appropriate action. Students are expected to arrive on time and attend all of their scheduled classes and study halls. Regular attendance is a requirement for successful completion of the course. Students must make arrangements with their teachers to make-up missed school work, assignments and/or assessments. See the “Missed/Make-up Work” section of the student handbook for more information on this topic.

Lateness to Class

Students will be given four minutes to pass from one class to the next. Lateness to class will be recorded by the teacher and reported to the Assistant Principal’s Office for further action. Lateness is reported in multiples of three. For example: 3rd late – detention, 6th late – detention, 9th late – Saturday School.

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La Política y Los Procedimientos de Asistencia de la Kennett High School

La formación de hábitos responsables con respecto a la asistencia y rapidez es importante. Se espera que los padres apoyen el objetivo de la puntualidad haciendo que sus hijos lleguen a tiempo, permanezcan en la escuela por un día completo y programen citas después de las horas escolares.

El estado de Pennsylvania requiere que los niños asistan a la escuela regularmente hasta que tengan 17 años de edad. Una ausencia de la escuela que no es válida será registrada como ilegal para estudiantes de 16 años de edad o menores, y sin excusa para estudiantes de 17 años de edad o mayores. Ningún estudiante menor de 17 años puede retirarse de la escuela, a menos que su padre o tutor firme un formulario de retiro formal.

Ausencias Justificadas

  • Enfermedad del estudiante
  • Muerte de un familiar o de un amigo cercano
  • Asuntos legales que requieren la presencia del estudiante
  • Citas programadas a un proveedor de atención médica, física o mental, incluyendo, pero no limitado a un médico, dentista, ortodontista y psicólogo
  • Viaje familiar con aprobación previa
  • La incapacidad de los autobuses escolares para operar en condiciones climáticas adversas
  • Celebración de festividades religiosas
  • Suspensión o expulsión de la escuela

Ausencias Injustificadas

  • Empleo – excluyendo el permiso condicional para trabajar
  • Absentismo escolar
  • Negligencia de los padres o exceso de sueño
  • Perder el camion
  • Necesidades de traducción al idioma de la familia
  • Cuidado de niños
  • Permanecer en casa para hacer tareas escolares

Una ausencia ilegal de la escuela puede resultar en una consecuencia disciplinaria, una citación de absentismo o una multa impuesta por el Juez de Distrito. Una ausencia por “razones personales” debe ser revisada por la administración para determinar la validez de la ausencia. Se espera que los estudiantes que no asistan a una excursión o un evento escolar asistan a la escuela. Los estudiantes que tienen 17 años de edad o mayores con ausencias excesivas se reunirán con la administración escolar para revisar su estado escolar.

Procedimientos de Asistencia

  1. Los estudiantes deben presentar una nota escrita por los padres por cualquier ausencia dentro de los tres (3) días posteriores a la ausencia. Cualquier justificación que se reconozca como falsa será injustificada y tendrá como resultado una medida disciplinaria.
  2. Cualquier estudiante ausente por tres (3) días consecutivos o más debido a una enfermedad debe presentarse en la Enfermería antes de obtener un comprobante de readmisión de la Oficina de Asistencia Escolar.
  3. El trabajo perdido puede ser realizado por un estudiante con un 80% de crédito si la ausencia no es aprobada.
  4. No se les permitirá a los estudiantes ausentados de la escuela o que lleguen después de las 11:00 a. m. participar o asistir a prácticas, juegos, eventos deportivos o actividades que se lleven a cabo después del horario escolar durante el día de la ausencia. Excepciones pueden ser hechas por el Director.

Procedimiento para Justificar Ausencias Escolares

Los padres que llamen a la escuela respecto de una ausencia deben llamar a la Oficina de Asistencia al (610) 444-6638 antes de las 8:30 a. m., Y enviar una nota para justificar la ausencia de su hijo. La nota escrita debe ser recibida dentro de TRES (3) días del regreso del estudiante a la escuela Y contener la siguiente información:

  • El nombre legal del estudiante
  • El número de identificación del estudiante
  • La fecha exacta de la ausencia
  • El motivo de la ausencia
  • La firma del padre o tutor

Si la ausencia no es justificada con una nota dentro de un período de tres días después de la ausencia, la ausencia será considerada injustificada. Para un estudiante de dieciséis años de edad o menor, esto se considerará como una ausencia ilegal. Cualquier excusa que sea reconocida como falsificación será injustificada y resultará en acción disciplinaria.

Llamada de Notificación de Ausencia

El Distrito utiliza un sistema automatizado de llamadas para comunicarse con las familias sobre el absentismo. Los informes de asistencia computarizados se generan a las 8:30 a.m. Una vez que se genera un informe, no se puede actualizar hasta después de que la llamada automatizada salga, lo que ocurre diariamente a las 9:30 a.m. Por lo tanto, cuando un estudiante llega a la escuela después de las 8:30 a.m., la llamada que usted reciba indicará que el estudiante estuvo ausente porque el estudiante se registró después de que se generara el informe. Los estudiantes firman un registro cuando llegan tarde a la escuela. El registro se utiliza para actualizar la asistencia después de que se envía la llamada automatizada. Si cree que recibió la llamada por error, póngase en contacto con la Oficina de Asistencia Escolar. También recuerde que los padres deben intentar realizar llamadas a la Oficina de Asistencia Escolar para notificar cualquier ausencia al (610) 444-6638 antes de las 8:30 a.m.

Procedimiento para Justificar Tardanzas

La jornada escolar comienza a las 7:40 a. m. y finaliza a las 2:35 p. m. Se espera que los estudiantes estén en orientación a las 7:40 a. m. Por motivos de seguridad y responsabilidad, un estudiante que llega tarde a la escuela debe registrarse en la Oficina de Asistencia Escolar, firmar y obtener una nota de admisión de la oficina. Todas las notas deben presentarse al llegar a la escuela. Si no lo hace, se le asignará un castigo durante el almuerzo o una detención después de la escuela. Los estudiantes que lleguen antes de las 7:49 a.m. recibirán una detención de veinte minutos, y los estudiantes que lleguen tarde después de las 7:50 a.m. tendrán una detención de una hora.

  • Los estudiantes deben reconocer que una explicación escrita de los padres no causa la justificación automática de la tardanza. Motivos, como problemas con el automóvil, asuntos personales, mucho tránsito, obligaciones del hogar, necesidades de traducción, responsabilidades familiares, etc., si bien son comprensibles, no son motivos válidos para llegar tarde a la escuela.
  • Un estudiante que llega tarde a la escuela debido a una cita con un médico, dentista, laboratorio o debido a que un tribunal exige su presencia debe proporcionar una nota escrita del profesional o la autoridad correspondiente al llegar a la escuela.
  • Si un estudiante llega tarde por enfermedad, se considerará justificado cuando se verifique a través de una nota de los padres. Si existe un problema de salud que causa que el estudiante llegue tarde con frecuencia, se deberá presentar un certificado médico para el archivo del estudiante.

Si un estudiante acumula más de 10 llegadas tarde (justificadas o sin justificación) a la escuela por semestre, el estudiante será colocado en un Plan de Asistencia de Nivel II. Sin embargo, las tardanzas médicas que sean documentadas serán excluidas. Cuando un estudiante llega tarde después de la octava vez, se le asignará una Escuela de Sábado.

Ausencias Planificadas

No se aprobará ninguna ausencia planificada durante evaluaciones estatales, exámenes trimestrales y exámenes finales, a menos que el Director la apruebe. Un Administrador Escolar puede considerar una ausencia planificada de tres o más días para unas vacaciones familiares, viaje, etc., justificada, bajo las siguientes condiciones:

  • Obtenga un Formulario de Aprobación de Ausencia Planificada. Los formularios están disponibles en línea y en la Oficina de Asistencia Escolar.
  • Pida al estudiante que complete la Parte I del formulario.
  • Envíe el formulario a la Oficina de Asistencia Escolar una semana antes de la ausencia para completar la Parte II del formulario.
  • El historial de asistencia del estudiante será revisado por la Oficina de Asistencia Escolar antes de que la solicitud sea enviada al Director del alumno para obtener su aprobación.
  • El estudiante se comunica con sus maestros con respecto al trabajo que tiene que reponer, y pide a los maestros que firmen la Parte III.
  • REGRESE el formulario original a la Oficina de Asistencia Escolar.

Todo el trabajo en clase perdido debe completarse dentro de la semana posterior a la fecha de regreso. Sin la aprobación previa, se marcará la ausencia como injustificada y/o ilegal. Todos los estudiantes que asistan a TCHS deben proporcionarle a TCHS con una copia de la aprobación.

Visitas a la Universidad

Los padres pueden solicitar una ausencia justificada para los estudiantes que deseen visitar colegios o universidades durante cada año escolar. Los estudiantes deben seguir los siguientes pasos para que una visita a la universidad pueda contar como una ausencia justificada:

  • Obtenga un Formulario de Aprobación de Ausencia Planificada. Los formularios están disponibles en línea y en la Oficina de Asistencia Escolar.
  • Pida al estudiante que complete la Parte I del formulario.
  • Envíe el formulario a la Oficina de Asistencia Escolar una semana antes de la ausencia para completar la Parte II del formulario.
  • El estudiante se comunica con sus maestros con respecto al trabajo que tiene que reponer, y pide a los maestros que firmen la Parte III.
  • Pida a un representante del plantel o institución que complete la Parte IV y REGRESE el formulario original a la Oficina de Asistencia Escolar después de la visita a la universidad.
  • Los formularios deben de ser entregados dentro de TRES (3) días del regreso del estudiante a la escuela.

Si más de un colegio/universidad es visitado en la fecha aprobada, la verificación sólo se debe obtener de un representante en un plantel/instalación

Directrices para Una Salida Temprana

En la mañana de la salida temprana, pídale a su hijo(a) que presente una nota escrita a la Oficina Principal que contenga la siguiente información:

  • Nombre completo del estudiante
  • Fecha de la salida temprana
  • Un motivo legitimo para retirarse
  • Firma del padre o tutor
  • Un número de teléfono donde los padres puedan ser contactados para la verificación de la salida temprana

La oficina de la escuela se comunicará con los padres para verificar la nota que el alumno proporciono. Una vez que la salida temprana sea confirmada, el estudiante debe recoger el pase en la Oficina Principal antes de irse.

Tenga en cuenta: Cualquier salida que no sea confirmada no podrá ser procesada hasta que la Oficina Principal reciba la confirmación del padre o tutor.

Una salida temprana será considerará justificada siempre y cuando la salida temprana sea confirmada por la Oficina Principal. El incumplimiento del procedimiento puede resultar en una acción disciplinaria.

Los estudiantes que regresen a la escuela después de una salida temprana deben firmar a su regreso en la Oficina de Asistencia Escolar y obtener una nota de admisión de la oficina. Esta política también se aplica a los estudiantes que manejan a la escuela.

Los padres que llamen a la escuela otorgando a su hijo (a) una salida temprana sin una nota escrita deben recoger personalmente a su hijo (a) en la escuela y completar un Formulario de Salida Temprana. La Oficina Principal recibe llamadas al (610) 444-6620.

Asistencia Escolar de TCHS

Los estudiantes de TCHS que estén presentes en KHS pero que falten a TCHS el mismo día, deben firmar en la Oficina Principal. Un registro de salida estará disponible para los estudiantes. Esta ausencia de TCHS de medio día será considera una ausencia de escuela de 1.00 día de TCHS y en conformidad con las leyes de asistencia escolar. El estudiante es responsable de proporcionar a KHS y TCHS con una copia de la nota dentro de tres (3) días de su ausencia. Si una nota no se recibe dentro de los tres (3) días, la ausencia será considerada injustificada y el estudiante puede recibir una consecuencia disciplinaria. En el caso de que el estudiante no firme el registro de salida, el estudiante seguirá siendo responsable de enviar una nota tanto a TCHS como a KHS.

Tenga en cuenta: Cualquier formulario de viaje de TCHS o visitas de observación deben ser presentadas a la Oficina de Asistencia Escolar con una semana de anticipación.

Asistencia a Clases

El maestro verificará la asistencia a clases en cada período en el sistema de asistencia del libro de calificaciones electrónico. Si se determina que un estudiante se ha escapado de una clase, el maestro enviará el nombre del estudiante al vicedirector, quien determinará si la ausencia es justificada o injustificada, y tomará las medidas adecuadas. Se espera que los estudiantes lleguen a horario y que asistan a todas sus clases programadas y a los salones de estudios. La asistencia regular es un requisito para la finalización exitosa del curso. Los estudiantes deben acordar con sus maestros para recuperar el trabajo en clase, los trabajos prácticos o las evaluaciones perdidas. Consulte la sección “Trabajo perdido/recuperado” del manual de estudiantes para obtener más información sobre este tema.

Llegadas Tarde a Clase

Se les darán cuatro minutos a los estudiantes para pasar de una clase a la siguiente. El maestro registrará la tardanza en llegar a la clase y la informará a la Oficina del Vicedirector para que tome medidas adicionales. Las tardanzas se informan en múltiplos de tres. Por ejemplo: 3. ª tardanza: castigo; 6. ª tardanza: castigo; 9. ª tardanza: asistir a la escuela el sábado.

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Student Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

Greetings Kennett High School parents:

One of the most important responsibilities that every school has is the safety and well-being of every student. With that said, the high school administration is asking all parents to please avoid using the upper lot front entrance of the high school as a student drop-off area in the morning and as a student pick-up area at the end of the day.

The upper lot main entrance of the school is strictly for the school buses to pass through during the morning student arrival as well as at the end of the day when students are dismissed. When dropping off or picking students up at the end of the school day, please use the lower lot parking area. These are safety precaution requests that we are hoping everyone will adhere to.

Thank you for your attention to this important school safety request.

The Kennett High School Administration

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Mark Your Calendars for the 9th Grade/New Student Orientation

Dear New Kennett High School Student,

On Thursday, August 10, 2017 from 10:00 A.M to 12:30 P.M. a fun and informative opportunity for you to meet staff members, upperclassmen, tour the building, and locate several classroom has been scheduled.

Here’s some of what you need to know:

  • Transportation will NOT be provided
  • Lunch WILL be provided
  • Parents are welcome to join in on the fun
  • We encourage you to join us!

A letter has been sent to homes. A version of that letter is accessible by clicking this link 9th Grade-New Student Orientation.

We look forward to seeing you all!


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Kennett High School Awards Night

Congratulations to the members of the Class of 2017!

The National Merit Scholarship Winners

One of the most academically competitive endeavors in the Nation is the National Merit Scholarship Program. These winners represent some of the best and brightest minds in the country. These students have met the rigorous academic requirements that confer a distinctive place in representing Kennett High School across the United States.

The National Merit Commended Students – About34,000 Commended Students throughout the nation have been recognized for their exceptional academic promise. Commended students placed among the top 5% of more than 1.5 million students. Our Commended students are Molly Adelman, Delaney Chaffin, Olivia Donia, Kate Doroba, Victoria Gallivan, Austin Maxwell, Lydia Pebly, Charles Shattuck, and Kerry Tomasetti.

The National Merit FinalistsThe National Merit Finalists represent less than 1% of U.S. high school seniors and are among the highest scoring entrants in the country. Of the 16,000 Semifinalists announced in September, our National Merit Finalist is Zachary Hrenko.

The National Merit $2500 Scholarship Award – The $2500 National Merit Scholarship is the award for which every Finalist is considered. According to a release from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, our finalist is recognized for his academic promise and distinguished performance in the competition of 2017. This year’s recipient is Zachary Hrenko.

The National Hispanic Recognition Program of the National Merit Scholarship – This program was established in 1983 to provide national recognition of the exceptional academic achievements of Hispanic High School Seniors. Approximately 5,000 students, earning a grade-point average of at least 3.5, from a nationwide total of 250,000 participants are honored as the highest scoring. The roster of these students’ names, high schools, and college major choices are sent to colleges and universities. This year’s recipient is Edwin Castaneda-Campos.

THE FULTON BANK DIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to Kennett High School students of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. The winner will be offered summer and holiday employment at Fulton Bank while attending college. The winner may also be offered full-time employment at Fulton Bank through the Fulton Financial Corporation Management Trainee Program. This year’s recipient is Edwin Castaneda-Campos.

THE RICHARD B. YODER HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLAR-ATHLETE AWARD recognizes a graduating high-school student who is an accomplished athlete, scholar and leader, qualities that defined Dick Yoder’s life. This year’s recipient is Kerry Tomasetti.

THE JOHNSON FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP is presented to a Kennett High School senior with intent of continuing his/her education. The student must have a 3.0 grade point average over his/her four years of high school as well as an extracurricular activity such as sports, music, school leadership or community service. This year’s recipient is Susanna Casini.

THE SOUTHERN CHESTER COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SCHOLARSHIP is presented to a senior who has exhibited academic excellence and service to the school and community and who will continue his/her education majoring in business or a business-related field. This year’s recipient is Emily Sauer.

THE KENNETT MASONIC LODGE #475 SCHOLARSHIP is given to a graduating student who has been active as a volunteer in their community and shown a strong commitment to continuing his/her education. This year’s recipient is Alexander Corona.

THE BASCIANI FOODS/KHS FBLA SCHOLARSHIP is presented to a senior student, with membership in the Future Business Leaders of America, who plans to pursue a business degree in college. This year’s recipient is Aliyah Asel.

THE UNITED STATES COAST GUARD ACADEMY is notable as the oldest life-saving service in the world. The Coast Guard is called upon for not just maritime safety and security, but for the protection of natural resources, mobility, and national defense. This year’s appointee to the United States Coast Guard Academy is Kerry Tomasetti.

THE UNITED STATES ARMY SCHOLARSHIP recognizes graduating high-school students planning to continue their education. This year’s recipients are Eliel Gaspar and Ronaldo Marcelo Hernandez.

THE STORY OF KENNETT AWARD is presented to a student leader within the school and community who strives to promote cultural diversity. This year’s recipient is Edwin Castaneda-Campos.

THE KENNETT AREA PARK AND RECREATION BOARD SCHOLARSHIP is presented to a student for volunteering and dedication to the KAPRB programs as well as being a great role model. This year’s recipient is Nicholas Eisel.

THE STEVEN R. LAWTON DEMON ROBOTICS SCHOLARSHIP is presented to the “junior or senior class” member of the Demon Robotics Team who has made outstanding contributions to the team and has completed an essay describing what he/she has gained from being part of the team. This year’s recipient is Sarah Ploener.

THE ENGLISH as SECOND LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT AWARDS are given to outstanding English as Second Language students. This year’s recipient is Dago Rodriguez Villagomez.

THE SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS AWARDS is a national-level Certificate of Merit Program to recognize and honor high school girls who have demonstrated excellence in the study of both mathematics and science, and are active citizens of the school and/or community. This year’s recipients are Brinda Kapur (Highest Honor), Alena Rybarczyk (Highest Honor), and Kathleen Schuetz (Highest Honor).

THE KENNETT P.R.I.D.E AWARDS are given to outstanding students from each class that exemplifies the virtues of Kennett P.R.I.D.E which are Personal responsibility; Respect; Integrity; Dedication; Excellence. This year’s recipients are Katherine Burton (9th), Connor Lang (10th), Joseph Davidson (11th), and Harry Lehr (12th).

THE ALMA NEWLIN EDUCATIONAL FUND SCHOLARSHIP is presented to students with an un-weighted cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher and planning to enter a human healthcare-related profession. This year’s recipients are Jeremy Eisele , John Finfrock, Laurel Petersen, and Samantha Weaver.

THE WIDENER UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL LEADERSHIP AWARD recognizes those high school students who possess the character, courage, and competencies to effect positive change. This award was presented at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. This year’s recipient is Olivia Berardi.

THE OUTSTANDING HUMANITARIAN AWARD is given to students who posses strong leadership skills and who have made the biggest contribution to the Humanitarian Club. This year’s recipients are Molly Adelman and Jacqueline Tucker.

THE OUTSTANDING READER AWARD was established to recognize outstanding patronage of the Media Center unlike any other student and/or faculty member.

This year’s recipient is James Hanby.

THE OUTSTANDING MEDIA CENTER VOLUNTEER AWARD is given to the student who has made the largest commitment to the library (over 40 hours of service this year) in terms of both service performed and time volunteered. This year’s recipient is Alondra Gomez-Camacho.

THE OUTSTANDING MINITHON VOLUNTEER AWARD is given to the most versatile, dedicated, dependable, and conscientious student leader from the MiniTHON Committee. This year’s recipient is Michael Bellino.

THE YOUTH WORK FOUNDATION GOOD CITIZEN AWARD, of the Union League of Philadelphia, honored 300 men and women as “good citizens”. These students were nominated from 50 youth-service organizations from throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. Our recipient’s achievements were recognized at the 71st Annual Good Citizens Day on May 10, 2017. This year’s recipient is Samantha Sullivan.

THE FRIENDS OF MUSIC UNDERCLASSMEN AWARDS are awarded for excellence in band, chorus and/or orchestra. This year’s recipients are:

  • For Excellence in Band – Victoria Gonzalez
  • For Excellence in Chorus – Abigail Duckworth
  • For Excellence in Orchestra – Molly Hohner

THE FRIENDS OF MUSIC SENIOR AWARDS are awarded to graduating seniors for excellence in band, chorus and/or orchestra. This year’s recipients are:

  • For Excellence in Band – Yvonna Liszewski
  • For Excellence in Chorus – Olivia Pagliaro and Benjamin Skross
  • For Excellence in Orchestra – Shakti Das and Christian Samulewicz
  • For Excellence in Band, Orchestra & Chorus – Samantha Castleton, Yvonna Liszewski, and Benjamin Skross

THE SHEILA BOURGEAULT AWARD is given to a graduating senior for outstanding musicianship, leadership, and spirit in Chorus. This year’s recipient is Samantha Castleton.

THE ROBERT HOCH BAND AWARD is given to a graduating senior for outstanding musicianship, leadership, and spirit in Band. This year’s recipient is Margaret O’Sullivan.

THE MICHAEL & SUSAN FINNEGAN SERVICE AWARD is given to a graduating senior for outstanding services in a variety of ways to the entire Music Department. This year’s recipient is Laurel Petersen.

THE CHARLES M. PAYNTER CUP is awarded to the senior female athlete and THE FRANK W. GRAFF CUP is awarded to the senior male athlete who has rendered outstanding athletic service during their senior year. This year’s recipients are Devon Reilly and Cornelius Erickson.

THE KENNETH A. WEBB CUP is awarded to the senior female athlete and THE WILLIAM A. SHOEMAKER MEMORIAL CUP is awarded to the senior male athlete who, in the judgement of the coaches, has demonstrated individual proficiency and unusual effort in a sport. This year’s recipients are Kylee Harvey ane Trent Harner.

THE CHESTER COUNTY PRESS SCHOLAR-ATHLETE AWARD is awarded to both a senior female and male athlete recognized for their excellence in both scholarship and athletic achievement. This year’s recipients are Victoria Gallivan and Austin Maxwell.

THE DR. D. DUER REYNOLDS MEMORIAL CUP is awarded to both a senior female and male athlete who has earned the school letter and has contributed the most to athletics during their entire high school career. This year’s recipients are Kelsey Mentzer and Ryan Boyle.

THE NATHAN W. KENDIG CUP is awarded to the senior female athlete and THE RAYMOND M. MOYNIHAN TROPHY is awarded to the senior male athlete who has a combination of athletic ability, academic achievement, and outstanding school service. This year’s recipients are Delaney Chaffin and Kerry Tomasetti.

THE BOB SCARLETT PRIZE, is awarded to the senior female athlete and THE MILMAN E. PRETTYMAN PRIZE is awarded to the senior male athlete for their outstanding sportsmanship. This year’s recipients are Ashley Mastronardo and David Boulden.

THE DR. LARRY C. BOSLEY CUP is awarded to the senior female athlete and THE ROBERT C. ROSELLE CUP is awarded to the senior male athlete who has been actively involved in two or more Kennett High School activities, one of which being a sport. These recipients have also made a considerable contribution to the Kennett Community. This year’s recipients are Susanna Casini and Xavier Feliciano Mirando.

THE HOLCROFT AWARD is awarded to the senior male soccer player in recognition for outstanding soccer ability. This year’s recipient is Phillip Martinez.

THE HOVDE AWARD is awarded to the senior wrestler in recognition for outstanding wrestling ability. This year’s recipient is Andrew Massetti.

THE JAMES F. DONAHUE CUP is awarded to the senior baseball player who has demonstrated outstanding baseball ability and character throughout his entire Kennett High School baseball career. This year’s recipient is Ryan Ganly.

THE MAUREEN JEFFERSON SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to both a senior female and male athlete who will continue their education, exemplified the concept of a “team player” and exhibited a dedication to teamwork and the spirit of cooperation in competition. This year’s recipients are Julia Beldyk and David McVey.

THE KENNETT ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to both a senior female and male athlete who will pursue a post high school education, served as an exemplary role model and showed enthusiasm and dedication. This year’s recipient is Julia Sharp

THE WIN AWARDS/SCHOLARSHIPS were established in 2008 and have remained successful through the generous donations of the local business community, most notably Exelon Generation. The WIN program serves all interested students who demonstrate a commitment to pursuing academic excellence, community involvement, and a post-secondary degree. These awards/scholarships are presented to the students who have been active members throughout their high school career, who have participated in all assigned activities, and are pursuing a post-secondary education. This year’s recipients are: Edwin Castaneda-Campos, Veronica Flores Lopez, Cristina Guadarrama-Castaneda, Lizette Herrera Herrera, Joel Ibarra, Sierra Jones, Samantha Lara, Juan Martinez, Rocibeth Mendiola-Cordova, Nancy Orozco, Hortencia Ortiz Reyes, Ja’Naye Pritchett, Rosa Romero, Michelle Sanchez Arroyo, Cindy Serrato Zavala, Karina Tapia Castaneda, Tania Vega Castaneda, Cristopher Villicana Ruiz, Yolanda Zavala, and Leslie Zurita-Fonseca.

THE HERMANITAS SCHOLARSHIPS were established in 2005 for Kennett High School girls who participated in the Hermanitas program. This program is supported by Exelon Generation, Longwood Rotary, Kennett Run Charities, and the Mushroom Farmers of Pennsyvania. The Hermanitas program is designed to encourage Latina girls to excel in school, plan for advanced education, strengthen the family unit, and participate as leaders in their communities. This year’s recipients are Lizette Herrera Herrera, Rocibeth Mendiola-Cordova, Nancy Orozco, Rosa Romero, Cindy Serrato Zavala, Karina Tapia Castaneda, and Leslie Zurita-Fonseca.

THE SHANNON STRAWLEY SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a young woman who has dealt with adversity, overcame obstacles, became involved in extra-curricular activities within the school as well as the community, and is pursuing her dreams. This year’s recipient is Leslie Zurita-Fonesca.

THE RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE AWARD was established in 1916 to recognize superlative academic achievement of young men and women and to motivate students towards careers in science, engineering and technology. This award honors our junior class recipient with the Rensselaer Medal Award Certificate for outstanding academic achievement in the study of mathematics and science. This year’s recipient is Jake Kalscheur.

THE CONGRESSMAN PATRICK MEEHAN GOOD CITIZEN AWARD is given to both one male and one female senior who best exhibit characteristics of leadership, courage, and scholarship. Communities thrive when people go beyond what is asked of them and make an effort to help all. These citizens have demonstrated an inspiring commitment to school and country. This year’s recipients are Margaret O’Sullivan and Danyal Quraishi.

THE DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION GOOD CITIZENS AWARD honors an outstanding young person in the senior class who demonstrates qualities of a good citizen. Our school winner is recognized for her dependability, service, leadership and patriotism. This year’s recipient is Olivia Donia.

THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OF THE SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION GOOD CITIZENSHIP AWARD honors an outstanding young person who demonstrates outstanding citizenship and patriotism. Our school winner is recognized for his words and deeds, strength of character, good citizenship, and love of country. This year’s recipient is Christian Kopecki.

THE BEST OF THE CLASS salutes for academic excellence. Our recipient was invited to participate in the WPVI-TV Channel 6 ABC taping for “Best of the Class of 2017” at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey. The event included activities such as guest speakers and networking opportunities for these accomplished future leaders. This year’s “Best of the Class” is Zachary Hrenko.

THE STUDENT SERVICES PRINCIPAL’S LEADERSHIP AWARD is sponsored by the Student Services Company and is given to a student who exemplifies the qualities of Leadership, Scholarship, and School Service. This year’s recipient is Edwin Castaneda-Campos.

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