At Kennett High School student academic course placement is based on student performance, potential, and teacher recommendations. Teacher recommendation is a prerequisite for many of our courses. We greatly value the recommendations of our teachers. Our teachers have personal knowledge of our students and of the curriculum in their departments. We encourage parents and students to talk directly with any teacher who makes a recommendation with which they do not agree. Very often teachers can advise students on how they can improve their performance so that a higher recommendation can be given. If, after conferencing with a teacher, a parent still disagrees with a final course recommendation, the parent can elect to petition the principal to override the teacher’s recommendation and have the student placed in the desired course. Students who are placed into honors or advanced placement courses on the basis of a parent override are placed with the expectation that they will make good (grade of B) progress in the course. Any student who does not maintain good progress can be removed from the course and placed in a lower level course at the principal’s discretion. Any parent who wishes to request a teacher recommendation override must complete a Parental Request to Override Teacher Recommendation form and submit it to their child’s guidance counselor. The guidance counselor will then gather relevant data related to the student and the recommendation and submit the required form and information to the principal for his or her ruling. If the principal approves the override the student will be placed in the desired course if the student’s schedule and the teacher’s class load can accommodate the placement.

Please Click Here to download the Parental Request to Override Teacher Recommendation form if you would like to request an override. You can fax the completed form back to your child’s counselor at 610-444-6132 or you can submit the form to the guidance office.