Members of the Class of 2018 should register to again take the SAT I Reasoning Test at Kennett High School in October of 2017. Students are encouraged to register during the summer because seats at KHS fill quickly. Registration should be completed online at Please note that the CEEB code for Kennett High School is 392005. Students should check to see if any colleges they are considering require the submission of SAT Subject Tests. Any SAT Subject Test required for admission, that was not taken during the Spring of the junior year, should be taken no later than November of the senior year. Please note that most colleges do not require SAT subject tests, however, most four-year colleges do require the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT. Students should consult the admissions offices of their potential college application choices to determine which test or tests, if any, they need to take. SAT Subject Tests cannot be taken on the same date that the SAT I Reasoning Test is taken. A list of colleges that require or recommend SAT subject tests can be found in the “Student Documents” folder of Family Connection.

Any student who has a 504 accomodation plan or an IEP that wishes to receive special testing accomodations must request that his or her guidance counselor submit a request form to The College Board at least six weeks prior to the desired test date. Parents of students requesting such accomodations should contact the guidance office in a timely fashion so that the request form can be submitted to The College Board in a timely fashion. Permission decisions regarding testing accomodations are made by The College Board, not by Kennett High School.