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About Kennett High School Degree Programs

Modeled after University life, all future KHS students may choose to enroll in one of these focused areas of study. Throughout High School, participants complete:

  • High school coursework,
  • College coursework,
  • Job shadowing, internships and work experiences
  • and more

that satisfy traditional graduation requirements and support the development of marketable skills for college and career.

Approximately 150 currently participate across Degree Programs in

  • Agricultural Science,
  • Business Administration,
  • Computer Science,
  • Engineering,
  • Finance,
  • Fine Arts,
  • Media Communications and
  • Real Estate & Tourism.

As the premier partner in West Chester University’s (WCU) PRIZE program, KHS students will have yet another opportunity to personalize their pathway beginning in 2023-24. Aspiring teachers may complete a Degree Program in Education. Upon receiving their Diploma, eligible students will be automatically enrolled in WCU’s College of Education and Social Work, where they will receive exclusive mentorship from KCSD faculty. Upon receiving their Bachelor’s Degree and certifications, the District has committed to hiring at least three alumni annually. This “Grow Your Own” initiative not only ensures student success, but a sustainable pipeline of diverse educators.

We’re proud to support the work of the Pennsylvania 2030 Commission on Education and Economic Competitiveness. Similar programs nationwide boast fewer dropouts and higher attendance and achievement.

In Kennett, Degree Programs come together with the support of an entire community, including staff, faculty, administrators, business partners and higher education institutions.

Enroll Now

8th Grade Students are invited to enroll in a Degree Program by March 3! To do so, please complete the following form.

For enrollment support, please contact KMS Counselor Kori Barley-Stoudemire or KHS Counselor Karina Hirschfield.

Learn More

For general questions about KHS Degree Programs, please contact KCSD Assistant Superintendent Dr. Michael Barber.

Those seeking specific information regarding our programs should contact: