Student Handbook

The Student Handbook includes the Code of Student Conduct, Dress Code, Discipline, Attendance and Grading Policies as well as all pertinent information that all students and parents should become familiar with regarding the Kennett High School.

The Code of Student Conduct and Discipline Policy contain information which will help you learn what is expected of you at Kennett High School. As a student of this school you are expected to follow the rules that have been established for the welfare of the entire student body. These rules are in effect any time you are under the jurisdiction of the school (e.g. field trips, school buses, activities, and events).

As you progress through Kennett High School, we hope that you will develop a sound base for academic skills, an understanding of and respect for yourself and others, and a love of learning for now and for the future.

KHS Student Expectations/Code of Conduct

Expectativas de los estudiantes de KHS/Código de conducta

Restorative Practices

All humans are hardwired to connect. Just as we need food, shelter and clothing, human beings also need strong and meaningful relationships to thrive. Restorative practices is an emerging social science that studies how to strengthen relationships between individuals as well as social connections within communities. Though new to the social sciences, restorative practices have deep roots within indigenous communities throughout the world.

Popular examples of restorative processes include affective statements, community-building circles, small impromptu conferencing, and setting classroom agreements or norms. In the Restorative community, it can take three to five years to fully implement restorative practices within a school site; KHS is proud to be in year one!
Please refer to the Student Handbook for detailed information regarding student expectations and opportunities.

What Are Restorative Practices in Education?

How are Restorative Practices used in addressing Discipline at KHS?