Special education services are provided to students who are eligible under state and federal laws. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed for each eligible student based on the student’s need for special designed instruction and/or accommodations and modifications.

The IEP Team, including the student, the student’s parent or guardian, special education and regular education teachers, along with guidance counselors or other relevant individuals, determines a plan that is reasonably calculated to allow the student to make educational progress in order to transition successfully to post-secondary adult life. Depending on the student’s degree of need, the plan may include any combination of general education courses, special education classes, Career and Technical options, and community based instruction or work experience.

Gifted Education

Programming options are available to students who are eligible for special education for gifted students under Pennsylvania law. A Gifted Individualized Education Plan (GIEP) is developed for each eligible student which describes the acceleration and/or enrichment activities required to develop the student’s outstanding intellectual or creative ability. Depending on the student’s identified area(s) of giftedness, such options may include, but are not limited to, testing out of a prerequisite course in order to enroll in a more advanced course than is typically offered at the student’s grade level, special projects on a self-selected topic, or mentor programs,